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College Candle Warmers

Scentsy’s Campus Collection Warmers are the perfect way to show your team spirit – and they make great gifts for the alum or sports fan on your shopping list! And when you purchase a Campus Collection Warmer, you not only show your school spirit, you also help fund important school programs. Great gift for the friend or family member that graduated from that college or university! Show your Team Spirit with Scentsy College Warmers!

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*Auburn University * Baylor University * Boise State University * Brigham Young University *California State University *Clemson State University * Colorado State University * Duke University * Florida State University * Fresno State University * Georgia Tech University * Kansas State University * Louisiana State University * Marquette University * Northwestern University * Oklahoma State University * Oregon State University * Penn State University * Purdue University * Rutgers University * San Diego State * Southern Methodist University * Stanford University * Syracuse University * Temple University * Texas A and M University * Texas Christian University – TCU * Texas Tech University * Washington State University

University of Alabama * University of Arizona * University of Arkansas * University of California Los Angeles * University of Colorado * University of Connecticut * University of Cincinnati * University of Florida * University of Georgia * University of Idaho * University of Illinois * University of Iowa * University of Kansas * University of Kentucky * University of Louisville * University of Maryland * University of Miami * University of Michigan * University of Minnesota * University of Mississippi * University of Missouri * University of Montana * University of Nebraska * University of Nevada * University of New Mexico * University of North Carolina * University of Oklahoma * University of Oregon * University of Pittsburgh * University of South Carolina * University of South Florida * University of Southern California * University of Tennessee * University of Texas El Paso * University of Texas * University of Utah * University of Virginia * University of Washington * University of West Virginia * University of Wisconsin * University of Wyoming

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