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This giveaway is closed!


win scentsy

Scentsy Giveaway

Every month, I will be posting a Scentsy Giveaway!

Win Scentsy

Due to Scentsy’s Corporate policy changes, Consultants are not allowed to post giveaways on their sites.

However, I do giveaways now through my newsletters.

So, please subscribe to my Scentsy newsletter to get the latest specials, personal deals and package giveaways. Subscribe below!


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Trista De Leon

I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters, a wife to a very supportive husband and owner of a Rottweiler (Roxi). I love working with computers and enjoy working on my website and providing helpful information. I'm an SEO writer and I'm a self-taught wordpress user and I'm constantly searching for new ways to design this site so that it's easier for my customers to navigate.

I Joined Scentsy in 2008 and I'm now a Star Director. I have a group of 400 consultants from all over the US, Canada & Ireland. I'm thankful that I found Scentsy, it has made a huge difference in our lives and allows us to live more comfortably in what is known as one of the most expensive states to live in, California. Both my husband and I were raised in California and are determined to grow our business here.
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  • Susan Ladd

    Love to win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    corrysue at yahoo dot come

  • Veronica L

    I am following both of you on Twitter @vhenline and I tweeted about the giveaway:!/Vhenline/status/67395663012433920

  • gina musmecci

    I love scentsy!! Such unique and fun scents!

  • Sherry Mcelroy

    I’ve heard these are awesome!! I would love to win. :)

  • Tina M. Hansen


  • Misty RObbins

    would love to win these, I hear they are awsome

  • niccols vargas

    these are so great . love all the scents.

  • Shellie H
  • Tanya Ledet

    i love scentsy but live in a small town and have lots of trouble trying to get them….

  • misty graham

    i just bought a scentsy burner i love it and im gonna buy at least 3 more

  • Candice Davis

    Scentsy Rocks!!!! I love coming home and opening the door to be greeted by the scent of Scentsy!!!!