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I would love if Scentsy made a display to showcase all of our products

There are a lot of us Scentsy consultants out there that have products on hand and a little bit of inventory. How exciting would that be if the home office or our Scentsy Family store made displays for us to showcase our candle bars, travel tins, scent circles and scent packs?  Imagine a little holder for all of our room sprays as well?  Sure, there are lots of companies out there that sell display stands and racks that we can purchase, but they are usually plain and very expensive.

Even if we had something to showcase at a home party, maybe a display that we could fold into the trunk of our car and then setup when we get there. When doing home parties, customer’s like to purchase right then, and not have to order and wait. How are we taking in our products? In big plastic containers, then using foldable tables to display some of the products.  I’m not sure how exactly they would make it, but I think it would very cool!

This display rack or case could also be used for events, such as fairs and different home shows. Just an idea..

If you’re a consultant and have one of these, please use my contact me page and let me know where you’ve purchased it.then I will post a list of responses here and maybe we can all help each other find an alternative in the mean time.

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