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Everyone loves getting free products! But… not everyone loves to have home parties!

Online Scentsy Party

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I have the perfect solution. I can set you up to have an online Scentsy party. You don’t have to serve food or invite people to your home. How cool would that be?

Here’s how a Scentsy Party – Online will work:

  1. Choose a week to have the party – Yes, it will be a week long party! (that way payday’s are usually included)
  2. Create a list of people that you’d like to email and invite to shop through your online party
  3. I will set up a party for you through my Scentsy website. When I do this – a website link is generated for the party
  4. I will email you the party link
  5. You send an email to all your friends and family and let them know they’re invited to shop through your party online. (they must use the link to shop, or you won’t get credit for the sale)
  6. Your guests shop online … get their products delivered directly to them
  7. …..and best of all.. you get the 1/2 price and free items based on the party total!  (see below for chart)


Fill out the Form Below to schedule a party!

Having an online party is both convenient and easy for all parties involved. My schedule for the summer is filling up fast, please use my contact page to let me know what date you’d like to start your online party! Let’s get you some FREE Scentsy Products!

Fill out my online form.

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