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Ambrosia Scent

Ambrosia Scent
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Will be available starting September 1st. Ambrosia, a scent we’re all excited to smell warming in our new Candle Warmer – Chasing Fireflies


The sweetest fruit salad ever: tropical pineapple,
mandarin orange slices, juicy pears, and ripe
concord grapes with hints of jam and fruit nectar.
Enjoy this month’s fragrance at a 10% discount.

Scent Circle  $3.00 $2.70
Scentsy Bar  $5.00 $4.50
Room Spray  $8.00 $7.20

Scentsy ambrosia





*Discounts do not apply to Combine and Save


Scentsy Wickless Candles are safer and more affordable than jar candles that use a wick and a flame. We have lots of different warmer designs and over 80 scents to choose from. Thanks for visiting our site, come back again soon!

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