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August Scentsy Warmer

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This Warmer has been discontinued for over 5 years and is no longer available. The replacement dish has also been discontinued.

Sol Scentsy Warmer AUGUST WARMER | Sol Scentsy Warmer

The majestic sunflower faces the sun throughout the day, actually turning from east to west as it rises and sets—a true lover of light and warmth. Drink in the sun’s rays with Sol, a bright, hand-painted beauty in the sunniest shade of goldenrod, highlighted by hints of chalky white. Delicate, climbing tendrils accent a giant, embossed sunflower in full bloom, as large vent holes emit pronounced beams of light—homage to an endless summer sky.

Capture the essence of the mighty sunflower with Sol.

DSW-SOLX $27.00 $27.00 (10% OFF)






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