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What is Scentsy – What does it do differently than candles you buy in jars?

The Questions of Scentsy

The questions I get about Scentsy are pretty much all the same.

What is it?

Scentsy is an electric candle warmer (that you plug in to the wall) that warms the highly scented wax cubes and released the fragrance.

What makes it different than other candles?

Most candles contain a wick..when you light the wick and burn the candle wax, small particles are released in the air.  Not only that, but it leaves you with black soot on your walls and since you’re burning the candle, the scent doesn’t last as long.  The wax is warm to the touch, not hot, so it’s safe around kids and pets.

How do you spell it again?

This is the funny part.  You should see the different spellings for Scentsy!  The most used misspelling is probably “Scentcy”.  Although,  I have seen so many others, for example:

Scentcie                   Sentcie

Scentsi                     Sensi

Sentcy                     Sentsie

The correct spelling is of course “Scentsy”.


What are the best Scents to get?

Wow… that’s a loaded question.. and in return gets a few more questions. What type of scents do you like? Fruity Scents, Bakery Scents, manly scents, spa Scents?

You can view all the different Scentsy scents and their descriptions, and still wonder. You have to try them! There’s a 6 pack of Scents for only $25. You can get a few different types

to help you choose.


How do I sign up to sell Scentsy?

That’s an easy one!  You just click here to Join our Scentsy team and start selling Scentsy today!


Do I have to have home parties?

Nope! When you sign up to sell Scentsy and get your enrollment kit, you also receive your Scentsy Site free for the first three months.  You can give your website info to friends and family and they can order directly.  You can also do catalog parties and what Scentsy calls a basket party.


Do I get a discount to buy Scentsy as a consultant?

You pay retail for all your products, however, you will also earn commission on every product that you purchase, whether it be for yourself or a customer. Commission is loaded on a visa card on the 10th of every month.

Well.. that about covers the most frequent questions that I get about Scentsy. I will most likely be updating this page when I get some more questions coming in. Please contact me if I haven’t answered your question yet.



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