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    Starbucks System Down

    When Starbucks releases an update to their system and everything crashes nationwide, there are some not so happy customers. What you do to prevent customers from being upset and tweeting on twitter and blasting their name all over facebook? You offer free coffee, of course.  Now, instead of all the bad publicity and angry, frustrated loyal starbucks customers, you have happy customers, appreciating the generosity and customer service.   Customer Service is so Important Customer service is so important. We try our hardest to make everyone happy and have a product that they love. There are times that decisions are made and are beyond our control, but it’s how you handle the situation after that differentiates one company or representative from another. Kudos to you Starbucks!  If you ever have a problem with our Scentsy products or have feedback to…

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    Scentsy Live Chat

    Live Chat to help you with Scentsy Top 5 Reasons you need to join our Live Chat Are you a customer that loves Scentsy? Do you have questions about the order you placed with us? Do you have questions about a warmer or scent? Do you have questions about joining Scentsy? Just to say hello and know that we value your business We provide Live Chat for our customers because we really do value your business and want to help you.  Please let us know if you need any help! It’s what we do.. it’s our passion and we thank you for depending on us for your Scentsy needs! *If you’re a consultant, please refer all questions to your sponsor, they’re there to help* Scentsy Live Chat was last modified: March 3rd, 2017 by Scentsy Candles