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Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb Giveaway

Bath Bombs Scentsy announced last week that we will have Bath Bombs ready to order on November 1st.  They also announced that we will have a special Bath Bomb Giveaway starting on October 30th.  Come back here and visit and…

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Pick Number

Pick a Number and post it below!  Who will guess the winning number? Scentsy Game - Pick a Number! Make sure to include your email so that I can notify you if you picked the right number, There can be…

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This giveaway is closed!   Scentsy Giveaway Every month, I will be posting a Scentsy Giveaway! Win Scentsy Due to Scentsy's Corporate policy changes, Consultants are not allowed to post giveaways on their sites. However, I do giveaways now through…

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