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Scentsy Kangaroo Buddy


Scentsy Kangaroo buddy Kenzie the Kangaroo Available April 24th!  There's a roo-mor going 'round that a new Buddy is on its way! Jump back here tomorrow for its reveal! đź‘€ Buy Kangaroo Collectible and oh-so-cuddly! Snuggle up with a soft Scentsy…

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Scentsy Hound Dog

Scentsy Dog Buddy

Scentsy Dog Buddy - Henry Dogs are so loyal. Always happy to see you come home, content to curl up on the couch. Scentsy Dog Buddy - True companionship, and Henry the Hound Dog offers it in spades! Sure, he’s into long…

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Bee Buddy

Bumble Bee Buddy

Everyone’s abuzz with excitement about our newest Buddy, Bumble the Bee! And who can blame them? His wide-eyed innocence and fabulous black-and-yellow look are something to BEEhold! So whether you prefer to stop and smell the flowers or zip around…

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Scentsy Chick Buddy

New Scentsy Chick - Eggmund! Introducing our newest Scentsy Buddy, Eggmund the Chick! This fuzzy, freshly hatched friend was born to cuddle, and is ready to make someone's Easter Sunday! One look at his darling eggshell is enough to melt…

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Kids Diffusers

Scentsy Kids Diffusers Scentsy just announced that come March 1st, we will offer two new Kids Diffusers. KIDS DIFFUSERS AND 100% NATURAL OILS Dazzle them with a magical, multi-sensory experience. Kids will love creating playful scenes on their very own…

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