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  • scentsy commission card

    How do I make money with Scentsy

    I started selling Scentsy in September of 2008 and joined because I wanted to be able to buy the products without having to wait for a someone to order for me. However, I soon began to figure out what I could be missing out on.. INCOME.  So, I decided to get it a shot and and share the love I had for Scentsy Products. Below is the commission chart detailing what you need to do to move up within the company. I, however, didn’t understand it when I first started, so I took one title at a time. I was an essential consultant and I needed to become certified, so what is it I need to do?  I have broken it down for you in sections below so that it makes more sense to you. Scentsy Commission How do I…

  • Scentsy and mom blogs

    This post goes to all those mom bloggers out there…Why aren’t you Selling Scentsy? Power of the stay at home Mom When I first started searching the web more and finding these “mom blogs” I became addicted to learning from them and what each of them specialized in.  I learned how to save money by using coupons, I also learned Search engine optimization (SEO) and how to build a blog.  There are some that made me laugh and some that made me cry because I could relate to their blog.  What I found fascinating, as I kept browsing the popular mom blogs…. is that they all were making money talking about things that they loved, knew how to do or simply found online and wanted to share.  How were these popular mom blogs making money?  Advertising on their mom blogs……