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    NEW Scentsy Go Pods for Spring

    Scentsy Pods will be available in the following scents starting March 1st, 2018  Whether it’s the indulgent smell of the first bloom of the season or the fresh citrus growing in your garden, the scents of spring and summer bring back memories of happy times with loved ones. And with the newly release spring and summer Go Pods for the Scensty Go portable fragrance system, you can now bring these scents with you everywhere you go. Here’s why you are going to love the new Go Pods for spring! Refreshing, Nostalgic Scents Scentsy has really outdone itself with the release of scents for their spring line this year. Your beloved favorites, like Clean Breeze and Honeymoon Hideaway, are still available; however, they have also created a slew of invigorating scents that may very well become your new faves. With options…

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    Scentsy Pods

    Scentsy Pods for the Scentsy Go System Air flows through the Scentsy Pods and into the environment for immediate fragrance. The fragrance beads in the pods release the perfect amount of scent for an incredible experience in your favorite Scentsy fragrances. Pack of 2, $10 *Available September 1st* Create a mood wherever you roam with gorgeous fragrance enhanced by adjustable color and light. From your camper to your cubicle, Scentsy Go goes with you. Scentsy Go is portable and battery operated for convenience! Scentsy Pods was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Scentsy Candles