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    Scentsy Hand Creams

    Scentsy Hand Cream – Hand it over! Give your hands a life of luxury with vitamin-packed protection and pampering in a travel-friendly package. Made with sunflower oil and aloe. 2.7 fl. oz. Buy Scentsy Hand Creams Available in 12 scents: Lucky in Love, Luna, Mandarin Grapefruit, Peach & White Amber, Persian Lime & Sandlewood, Pineapple & Coconut Vanilla, Sea Salt & Avocado, Shimmer, Sugar, Skinny Dippin’, Sunkissed & Vanilla Bean Buttercream   Scentsy Hand Creams was last modified: April 7th, 2018 by Scentsy Candles

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    New Scentsy Bricks – Lets dance Bricks

    New bricks: Fragrance that moves you   Buy Bricks Now You’re on an island at sunset. Lanterns glow. Music mingles with the warm breeze as libations shake and stir. You’ve been transported by our Let’s Dance Brick Collection — your new summertime dance partner! Classic dance styles and refreshing summer drinks inspire five new Scentsy Brick fragrances sure to move your feet — your customers’, too! Ready your warmer. Let’s Dance fragrances include: Piña Colada Cha-Cha Island coconut and zesty pineapple lead; white rum and vanilla bean follow. Strawberry Daiquiri Disco Strawberry puree, white raspberry and Caribbean rum turn the beat around. Lemon Drop It Low Candied lemon gets down, down to the ground, with sugar crystals and citrus leaves. Mojito Mambo Sparkling club soda, crushed lime and muddled mint leaf sway away with white rum. Berry Cosmo Boogie Sugared grapefruit, white cranberry and…

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    Scentsy Snail Buddy

    Spring has sprung! Flowers are blooming, everything is green, the sun is shining, and Sia the Snail is the life of the garden party. You’ll swoon for her loving eyes and sweet spiral shell. But don’t move at a snail’s pace! Sia is only available while supplies last. Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance (Sia’s is located at the top of her shell). Sia the Snail is $30 and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice. MEET Sia: Species: Snail Favorite hangout: Flower beds Favorite activities: Gardening Favorite book: The Biggest House in the World Favorite movie: Turbo Favorite song: I like slow jams Favorite sports team: Garden City Wind Food I crave: Dandelions and other greens Fun fact: Snails don’t change shells when we grow — our shells grow with us! Ambition:…

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    Scentsy Apple Warmer – Appreciation

    Scentsy Appreciation – Apple Warmer for March Lasts infinitely longer than the real thing and looks prettier, too. Gift your favorite teacher with the ultimate apple, or show anyone you admire some extra Appreciation. Perfect end of year gift for your child’s teacher. Pair with Johnny Appleseed – Yum!   Scentsy Apple Warmer – Appreciation was last modified: March 28th, 2018 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy Goat Buddy – Glendon

    Scentsy newest buddy – Glendon the Goat Collectible and oh-so-cuddly! Snuggle up with a soft Scentsy Buddy — a loveable friend full of fragrance! Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice! Scentsy Buddies are ready for adventure, and they want to bring YOU along for the ride! Each one has its own personality, so there’s someBUDDY for everyBUDDY!   Buy Scentsy Goat Now MEET Glendon: Species: Goat Favorite hangout: On the farm, or in the countryside Favorite activities: Mountain climbing, rock climbing Favorite book: Gregory, the Terrible Eater Favorite TV show: Unlikely Animal Friends Favorite song: King of the Mountain Favorite sports team: Hartford Yard Goats Food I crave: I love my greens! Fun fact: Goats can be taught their name and to come when called.…

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    Scentsy Spring Summer Catalog 2018

    Sneak Peak Time?  Scentsy has their new catalog for Spring / Summer 2018 release on March 1st and it’s time for all to prepare! 2018 Scentsy Spring / Summer Catalog The days are lengthening. The sun is shining. The snow is almost gone and you’re looking for some great new home fragrance ideas. No longer do you want those cozy, snug, rich aromas of spice and apple-pie. Now you want light, fresh scents for spring. As the weather turns you want your house to smell as fresh and light inside as it does in the park. Our new catalog promises to offer you exactly that. Packed full of great new scents such as the yummy Apricot Vanilla that will take you through spring and into summer. Gifts for her The new catalog doesn’t just contain new scents. It will have…

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    Scents of the Season Bundle

    Scentsy Scents of the Season Bundle for the Holidays! This special offer is available only while supplies last, so don’t wait to order! Fir needles, baked apples, cinnamon sticks … fragrances that bring to mind Christmas trees and homemade sweets and forever friends gathered ’round a cozy fire. These are the delights of the holidays, the stuff of magic, and the inspiration for our new Scents of the Season Collection, available Friday, Nov. 17 at 9am PT! You will cherish this limited-time offering of five Scentsy Bars, including two brand-new fragrances: ·         NEW Cranberry & Tinsel: mulled cranberries, Siberian fir needle and cedarwood. ·         NEW Sugar Bells: a sweet medley of finely spun sugar, vanilla bean and honeyed chestnut. Plus, three favorites returning from last year:  ·         Blue Christmas: orange peels, cloves, fir needles and cinnamon sticks. ·         St. Nickerdoodle: baked apples, spices and a dusting…

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    Milford the Moose is on the loose!

    Scentsy Buddy Milford the Moose Often rare to spot in the wild, the elusive moose is one of nature’s most majestic creatures. Now you can bring that wonder into your home with our adorable new Scentsy Buddy, Milford the Moose. Ready for winter with a cozy flannel scarf to match his flannel arms and legs, Milford would love a warm home and loving family. But you’d better hurry and get Milford soon, because this cuddly Buddy is only available for a limited time. Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favorite fragrance. Milford the Moose is $30 and comes with the Scent Pak of your choice. Be sure to head to the Marketing tab of your Workstation for images of Milford you can share on social media.   Buy Scentsy Christmas Moose Milford the Moose is on the loose! was last modified: November 4th, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scarlet Woods

    Scentsy Scarlet Woods – Scent of the Month for December  Find your fairytale in vivid notes of cassis and redberry over crisp white cedar. Scarlet Woods Scentsy Bar Reg. $6   NOW $5.40 Available December 1st. Scarlet Woods was last modified: November 1st, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy Wildlife Warmer

    Wildlife – December Warmer of the Month Weave some woodland magic into any space with this rustic, softly lit warmer, featuring a tranquil scene cast in perfect silhouette. 6″dia. x 5″H Scentsy Wildlife Warmer Wildlife Warmer $50  Now $45 Scarlet Woods Scent Circle $3  Now $2.70 Scarlet Woods Scentsy Bar $6 Now $5.40 Scarlet Woods Room Spray $8 Now $7.20 Available December 1st Scentsy Wildlife Warmer was last modified: November 1st, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Bath Bomb Giveaway

    Bath Bombs Scentsy announced last week that we will have Bath Bombs ready to order on November 1st.  They also announced that we will have a special Bath Bomb Giveaway starting on October 30th.  Come back here and visit and the below button will lead to your entry into our Giveaway!  Bath Bomb Giveaway Where are Scentsy bath bombs made?  They’re made by hand in Meridian, Idaho at the Scentsy warehouse.  Who invented the Bath Bomb? They were invented as an alternative to bubble baths for sensitive skin. Mo Constantine, one of the co-founders of LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics (known back then as the mail-order business Cosmetics To Go), wanted to indulge in luxurious baths, but her skin was easily irritated by traditional bubble baths. In 1989, she blended baking soda and citric acid for a fizzy effect, got creative with colors, essential…

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    Christmas Glow

    November Scentsy Warmer of the Month – 2017  Christmas Glow – Available November 1st, 2017  Go for the glitz this holiday season with the spectacular Christmas Glow! When lit, this ornament-inspired design casts intricate patterns of light across any surface.  Get Christmas Glow for 10% off in November. Buy Christmas Glow Christmas Glow was last modified: November 1st, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Bring Back My Bar 2017 Winners

    Just Announced! Scentsy Bring Back My Bar Winners! The votes are in, and here are the fragrances YOU voted for during our latest round of Bring Back My Bar: A Wink & A Smile Ambrosia Beach Boho Cherry Limeade Cranberry Spice Eucalyptus Flower Shop French Toast Fried Ice Cream Fuzzy Blanket Mandarin Moon Mediterranean Spa Mulberry Bush Oats & Honey Pear Blossom & Cucumber Peony Petals Simply Rose Twilight Vanilla Suede Bring Back My Bar 2017 Winners was last modified: October 18th, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Top 5 Scentsy Scents for Fall

    Top 5 Scentsy Scents for Fall  2017 The crisp air, the fire in the fireplace, the smell of pumpkin everywhere — it’s finally fall! IF you go to the grocery store, there’s pumpkin flavored everything. Do you know why? It’s the Pumpkin Craze. As soon as October comes, people everywhere are ready to put on their flannel shirts and boots and start making arrangements to visit the Harvest festival and Pumpkin Patches.  It’s fall y’all and it’s time to start getting your home ready for the occasion! We’ve polled our customers and we’ve asked, “What are the top scents for fall in your opinion?” Our customers have responded and the below scents are your 2017 picks. Cider Mill – Cider Mill brings together fresh apples, crushed pumpkin, and simmering spices for a cozy autumn treat. Autumn Sunset – Apples, pumpkins, fall leaves…

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    NEW Scentsy Bath Bombs

    We’ve been asking for bath bombs for a few years now. We’re super excited to announce that we will be offering bath bombs starting November 1st. Scentsy Bath Bombs Get your Scentsy Bath Bombs Make sure those on your gift list are doubly delighted this holiday season:    First when they discover you’ve dropped new Scentsy Bath Bombs into their stockings.   Then when they drop one into their bath and experience the extraordinary fragrance, the color, the fizz and the feeling of vitamin-rich moisturizers on their skin!   Available Nov. 1, 2017, Scentsy Bath Bombs release an effervescent burst in your bathwater as all bath bombs do — but ours offer much more than just a pretty fizz.   Handcrafted at Scentsy  Our fragrance experts handcraft each Scentsy Bath Bomb at our state-of-the-art facility in Idaho. They produce small batches to ensure the highest quality and performance — which is why Scentsy Bath Bombs…

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    Scentsy Monster Monday 2017 – NEW

    We are going to have one huge Flash Sale on Monday October 16th – 2017 Monster Monday with Scentsy Get products for up to 80% off.  You’ll have to hurry though, we did our first sale on Friday the 13th and products sold out fast! You have to get moving if you see something you like! Sale on: Candle Warmers, Scentsy wax bars (lots of different scents), car bars, room sprays and more !!!!!!! Scentsy Monster Monday 2017 – NEW was last modified: October 13th, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy Christmas Glow

    Scentsy Christmas Glow Red Warmer Go for the glitz this holiday season with the spectacular Christmas Glow! When lit, this ornament-inspired design casts intricate patterns of light across any surface. Scentsy Christmas Glow was last modified: October 2nd, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Santa Boots Down the Chimney

    New for Scentsy Holiday 2017 – ‘Down the Chimney’ Santa Boots Warmer Scentsy Down the Chimney Santa Boots – 7″ tall, 25W Available October 1st !!  These boots need no introduction! Be sure to set them out wherever they’ll be noticed and properly adored during the Christmas Holiday. Buy ‘Down The Chimney’ Santa Boots Down the Chimney was last modified: September 18th, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    New Scentsy Body Products

    Scentsy Bath and Body products are amazing. You’re going to love the scents as they represent some of the favorite Scentsy scents you’ve come to love! Scentsy Body helps you express your individuality through fragrance while nourishing your skin with vitamin-rich formulas. And that feels good. Explore our expressive scents, and find the ones that feel like YOU. Body Cream Fragrance Roller Body Wash   Hand Cream   Lotion   Hand Soap          Read more about our Scents and Skin tips on our Scentsy blog:   Skin Care Tips       New Scentsy Body Products was last modified: September 1st, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    NEW SCENTSY Catalog 2017

    It’s here, it’s really here! NEW Scentsy Catalog 2017 – Fall / Winter New Body care products, including lotions, creams, body washes and hand soaps!  New Scentsy Go, portable fragrance delivery system and highly scented Go Pods.. the list goes on and on! Check out this quick highlight video!  See the entire catalog of products here View the Fall / Winter 2017 Catalog   New Candle Warmers, New Scentsy Wax bars!  Oh my goodness!! … and don’t forget about our New Scentsy Go    NEW SCENTSY Catalog 2017 was last modified: September 1st, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Give Thanks Scentsy

    GIVE THANKS WRAP  Scentsy Thanksgiving Warmer  6″ tall, 25W Decorate your Carrara or Etched Core Warmer with an autumn-inspired message of gratitude. Come back to visit us on September 1st to purchase! Buy Give Thanks Wrap ONLY $18  Buy Wrap AND Warmer $48 Give Thanks Scentsy was last modified: September 2nd, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy Incentive Trip

    New Scentsy Incentive Trip Announced! If you’re not a consultant yet and are excited to earn trips – You can sign up to sell Scentsy Here Scentsy Incentive Trip 2018 A seven-night Mediterranean cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s brand new Symphony of the Seas awaits those who achieve the 2018 Scentsy incentive trip! Embarking from Barcelona, Spain, on June 3, 2018, this once-in-a-lifetime cruise features ports of call in Palma De Mallorca, Spain; Provence, France; Florence/Pisa, Italy; Rome, Italy; and Naples, Italy, before returning to Barcelona on June 10, 2018.   There are four levels for this incentive — everyone will have the opportunity to work toward something really amazing. Level 1: Registration for your region’s Scentsy Family Reunion in California Level 2: Incentive trip for Consultant (airfare and baggage fees not included) Level 3: All-expenses-paid incentive trip for Consultant Level 4: All-expenses-paid incentive trip…