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    What do you love about Scentsy?

    I’ve had the privilege to speak to a lot of consultants at either the Scentsy Conventions or the trips that we’ve earned and we all love Scentsy for different reasons. There are a few reasons that we all seem to share, however. Top 5 Reasons Consultants LOVE Scentsy 1. We’re HEARD – When you’re a consultant for a big direct selling company, you are given rules and policy’s to follow. You might not agree with all of them, and sometimes feel that they’re not fair. As a Director for Scentsy, you’re able to share those opinions and views with the corporate staff via the facebook group or through email.  Not saying that the policy will change in your favor, but a response is given and you CAN be heard. 2. Extended Family – I have met some amazing people!  I am from a…