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    Scentsy Apple Warmer – Appreciation

    Scentsy Appreciation – Apple Warmer for March Lasts infinitely longer than the real thing and looks prettier, too. Gift your favorite teacher with the ultimate apple, or show anyone you admire some extra Appreciation. Perfect end of year gift for your child’s teacher. Pair with Johnny Appleseed – Yum!   Scentsy Apple Warmer – Appreciation was last modified: March 28th, 2018 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy Wildlife Warmer

    Wildlife – December Warmer of the Month Weave some woodland magic into any space with this rustic, softly lit warmer, featuring a tranquil scene cast in perfect silhouette. 6″dia. x 5″H Scentsy Wildlife Warmer Wildlife Warmer $50  Now $45 Scarlet Woods Scent Circle $3  Now $2.70 Scarlet Woods Scentsy Bar $6 Now $5.40 Scarlet Woods Room Spray $8 Now $7.20 Available December 1st Scentsy Wildlife Warmer was last modified: November 1st, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy Cowboy Boots Warmer

    NEW! Scentsy cowboy boots warmer was just announced!  Super Cute Scentsy Boots ! Scentsy Rodeo Boots Warmer Order Rodeo Warmer RODEO – Like a finely tooled pair of well-worn boots, Rodeo brings your frontier dreams to life with authentic detail and an untamed soul. Scentsy Cowboy Boots Warmer was last modified: August 1st, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Emoji Clip

    What can go with your NEW Emoji Scentsy Warmer?  A new Scentsy Emoji buddy Clip! Perfect Pair – Makes a great gift! Buy Bahahaha Now Name: Bahahaha Species: Emoji Favorite hangout: Comedy clubs Favorite activities: Laughing out loud Favorite book: I prefer the funny pages Favorite movie: I’m always up for a good comedy Favorite song: Happy! Favorite sports team: Phoenix Suns Food I crave: I eat my feelings Fun fact: I’m legit! “Emoji” was made an official word by Oxford Dictionaries in 2013. Ambition: To spread happiness and laughter (it’s the best medicine!) Emoji Clip was last modified: June 1st, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy stargaze

    This warmer has lots of names given by customers that aren’t sure what it’s given name was.  So, I’ll call them out here in hopes that it will make it easier to find! The Most important information, however, is that it is back. That’s right – The famous Scentsy Stargaze warmer is back at midnight – May 22nd. If you’ve been waiting for the stargaze warmer since January when it was last available, your wait is over. Have you been on a waiting list?  Wait no more.  It’s here and ready to light up wherever you choose to place it in your home. I have my stargaze warmer on my desk so that I can see it when I’m working.  I hope you enjoy this warmer as much as I have!  Buy Stargaze Warmer Stargaze is back at midnight on…

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    Scentsy Pumpkin

    Scentsy Pumpkin Warmer Harvest Pumpkin I have a feeling this warmer will sell out and be super popular.  Scentsy Pumpkin Warmer will be available to order on October 1st.  I’m taking pre-orders for this pumpkin warmer. Please fill out the form and I’ll send you an invoice towards the end of September for payment. Cool weather, warm colors, cozy fashion. Fall is a season worth celebrating, and this elegant stack of glazed, hand-painted pumpkins makes a picture-perfect homage. Pre-Order Harvest Pumpkin Scentsy Pumpkin was last modified: March 3rd, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy Accord

    ALL AT ONCE : Warm three different scents together. •MIX AND MATCH : Warm one, two or three fragrances — you choose the combination! • ONE AT A TIME : Enjoy your favorite fragrance all by itself. Each piece comes with it’s own off and on switch. So it’s all up to you. Scentsy 3 dish warmer – Accord This is great for those that like to make your own recipe’s using Scentsy scents. Scentsy Accord was last modified: March 3rd, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy Barbecue

    He’s the king of the Q. The grill master. The charbroiling champ. He takes the art of barbecue to a whole new level. Scentsy Barbecue for Father’s Day This Father’s Day, celebrate all that Dad brings to the backyard with something that truly speaks to him. The Father’s Day Warmer Bundle includes a Backyard BBQ Warmer and three Scentsy Bars (one of each) in Bonfire Beach, Dark Harbor and Mystery Man for just $50 (USD) — which means you’re getting the three Scentsy Bars for FREE! Dad’s the man. Remind him. Available May 16th!!! Buy Backyard Barbecue Reminds me of growing up and being outside in the hot California summers. My dad would be grilling chicken outside because it was too hot to turn on the stove. It was never a chore to my father. It was a skill, a talent…

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    Camper Warmer

    Scentsy Camper Warmer Perfect for camping fans and those that love road trips!  ROAD LESS TRAVELED Warmer-  Get hitched! Modeled after the classic RVs that once ruled the highways and bi-ways, this retro Warmer.   Buy Now   Camping is an elective outdoor recreational activity. Generally held, participants leave developed areas to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment. To be regarded as “camping” a minimum of one night is spent outdoors, distinguishing it from day-tripping, picnicking, and other similarly short-term recreational activities. Camping can be enjoyed through all four seasons. Camping may involve sheltering in the open air, a tent, caravan, motorhome, or primitive structure. Luxury may be an element, as in early 20th century African safaris, but including accommodations in fully equipped fixed structures such as high-end sporting camps under the…

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    San Francisco Baseball

    SAN FRANCISCO SCENTSY WARMER It’s hats off to America’s favorite pastime with our NEW Collection. These officially licensed warmers are “stitched” with your team’s logo and look great next to the game ball on your shelf. San Francisco baseball won the world series in 2014 and is a favorite team in Northern California – You can own your own SF memorabilia by purchasing this officially licensed baseball cap warmer.   Buy SF Warmer Now San Francisco Baseball was last modified: August 17th, 2018 by Scentsy Candles

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    Jane Candle Warmers

    Scentsy has a candle warmer that is probably the best seller from our Catalog. It’s so popular that they created a plugin warmer of the same style so that you could have the package of both.   They also created a Scentsy companion system, in which you can buy the full size & the plugin along with three scentsy candle bars.  Below are the links to buy the packages.  Or click on the images below to get the warmer alone. You can buy the Premium Companion System OR You can buy the Regular Companion System   Below is the full size Jane Scentsy warmer : Description:  Scrolling, wrought-iron details frame Jane’s romantic glowing window, set in an Edwardian-inspired column. Below is the Jane Plugin that is a perfect match to the full size   Jane Candle Warmers was last modified: January 17th,…

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    Scentsy Fathers Day

    Omigosh, this has to be the best Fathers Day warmer and plate options in Scentsy history! Just pick the warmer color you’d like to have  – the cream color or the brown Then pick the Plate option – (Fish, Golf, Horse, motorcycle, deer) Great Father’s day “man” Gift ! Scentsy Fathers Day was last modified: March 4th, 2017 by Scentsy Candles

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    Scentsy June Warmer

    Here it is.. your Scentsy Warmer of the month for June 2011! Star Spangled Warmer Share your love of country with a whimsical representation of our nation’s flag. This bold red, white, and blue warmer features a unique star-shape. A very popular warmer to display for 4th of July!     Scentsy June Warmer was last modified: October 19th, 2018 by Scentsy Candles