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Scentsy Wildlife Warmer

Wildlife - December Warmer of the Month Weave some woodland magic into any space with this rustic, softly lit warmer, featuring a tranquil scene cast in perfect silhouette. 6"dia. x 5"H Scentsy Wildlife Warmer Wildlife Warmer $50  Now $45 Scarlet…

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Buddy Clip Emoji

Emoji Clip

What can go with your NEW Emoji Scentsy Warmer?  A new Scentsy Emoji buddy Clip! Perfect Pair - Makes a great gift! Buy Bahahaha Now Name: Bahahaha Species: Emoji Favorite hangout: Comedy clubs Favorite activities: Laughing out loud Favorite book:…

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Stargaze Candle

Scentsy stargaze

This warmer has lots of names given by customers that aren't sure what it's given name was.  So, I'll call them out here in hopes that it will make it easier to find! The Most important information, however, is that…

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