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Are you looking to buy Scentsy and need someone in California – I’m here to help.

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There aren’t that many consultants in California yet.  I’m in southern California and can help you place your order. You can call me to place the order, Email me your order and Pay with PayPal – or you can order through my Online Store and have Scentsy products delivered straight from the Scentsy warehouse directly to your door.

It’s easy, It’s Simple – and shipping is fast!

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No pressure or calls after you place your order. I’m here to help, but I won’t hound you to place an order at a later date.  Keep my info handy and contact me when you need something. I’ve been selling Scentsy online for 6 years, 3 in Idaho and 3 in California. This is the only way I sell Scentsy, so I do it well and have dealt with every type of order. You can buy new candle warmers, scentsy scent bars, room sprays, buddy’s and more. I have it all.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Scentsy is Available in the following Cities in California – Contact me if you’re looking for a consultant in your area!

Los Angeles, CA
Population: 3,694,820 (US Census 2000)

San Diego, CA
Population: 1,223,400 (US Census 2000)

San Jose, CA
Population: 894,943 (US Census 2000)

San Francisco, CA
Population: 776,733 (US Census 2000)

Long Beach, CA
Population: 461,522 (US Census 2000)

Fresno, CA
Population: 427,652 (US Census 2000)

Sacramento, CA
Population: 407,018 (US Census 2000)

Oakland, CA
Population: 399,484 (US Census 2000)

Santa Ana, CA
Population: 337,977 (US Census 2000)

Anaheim, CA
Population: 328,014 (US Census 2000)


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