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Scentsy Warmers

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You’re wondering what is a Candle warmer, right?

What is Scentsy, how does the system work?

scentsy system warmerOur Authentic candle warmers are electric and the highly scented wax is not burned, but warmed just above body temperature by using a low watt light bulb. When the wax scent is warm, it projects the scent throughout your home and your house will smell great within 10 minutes.

When you decide to purchase a warmer, you can buy the Scentsy package which includes a warmer and three candle bars.  This package will save you a few dollars.  There are a few different Scentsy discount packages you can choose from.

You place two scentsy wickless candle bar cubes in the dish of the candle warmer and you’re ready to go. Depending on how long you leave your warmer switched on and the location of the warmer in your home, you’ll want to replace the wax because the scent will be gone. The wax will still be there because nothing is released into the air. You can either pour the used wax back in the container or take a paper towel to clean it out.

There are so many scents to choose from..depending on your favorite category, whether it be bakery scents, fruity, spa or romance. Everyone has their favorites, if you’re interested in knowing the most popular scents you can visit my blog post that I write for each month detailing which scents were rated in the top 10!



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