Harvest 2018

We admit it: We’re all about fall. And this collection captures the best parts — from the colors of freshly fallen leaves to the spooky celebrations and those beautiful autumn scents!

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  • Apples & Cinnamon Sticks Bundle

    Apple & Cinnamon Sticks Bundle – Snap up limited-edition Body products in rich, fall-inspired fragrances. Apple peel, spiced white pumpkin and a touch of oak.

    Includes: 1 Hand Soap, 1 Lotion

  • Calavera Warmer

    Scentsy Calavera is a stunning example of the enigmatic and intricately designed sugar skulls so prevalent in Mexican folk art, Calavera is a remarkable feast for the eyes.

  • Dearly Departed Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Dearly Departed Mini Warmer – This classically creepy skull is dead-set on dialing up the fear factor with its eerie glow

  • Farmstand Pumpkin Bundle

    Farmstand Pumpkin Bundle – Snap up limited-edition Body products in rich, fall-inspired fragrances.Indulgent notes of fresh apple, cinnamon stick, pumpkin and caramel.

    Includes: 1 Hand Soap, 1 Lotion

  • Give Thanks Milk Can Warmer

    Give Thanks Milk Can Warmer – A downhome message of gratitude expressed
    with just enough rustic-retro flair.

  • Give Thanks Warmer Wrap

    An autumn-inspired message of gratitude, and a bountiful boost to our Etched Core Warmer (sold separately).

    $18.00 $14.40
  • Harvest Oil 3-Pack

    A set of three 100% Natural Oils packaged in a decorative tin.
    Happy Haunting , Love at First Bite,
    Purple Potion

  • Hello Fall Mini Warmer

    Scentsy Hello Fall Mini Warmer – Welcome sweater weather with a glowing declaration of color and light.

  • Jack Warmer

    Scentsy Halloween Warmer – Jack -With his menacing grin and fierce GLOW,

    $45.00 $36.00
  • Mr. Bones Warmer

    Dearly departed, but still ready to decorate! With a glow-in-the-dark finish that adds a fiendishly fun touch, Mr. Bones is a to-die-for Halloween guest

  • Pick of the Patch Warmer

    Celebrate the fruits of the harvest with a stack of
    just-picked pumpkins.

  • Raven Wrap Warmer

    Raven Wrap & Etched Core Warmer – A raven stands big and bold against a neutral canvas to create this legendary Halloween silhouette.

  • Rustic Pumpkin Warmer

    Like the natural-born beauty that inspired it, Rustic Pumpkin brings an earthy, sophisticated look to any display.

  • Skull Calavera Warmer

    Unleash your inner artist! DIY Calavera lets you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece using permanent markers and your own creative whims. We even made a cool DIY video for inspiration! Check out the video below.
    Markers not included.

    $40.00 $32.00
  • Spooky House Warmer

    A haunted abode looms ominously against a wave of soft, ghostly light. 4″ tall, 15W, glass.

  • Spooky Skeleton Warmer

    Spooky – Make him the master of your Halloween ceremonies to ensure a ghoulishly good time is had by all.