$50 Candle Warmers

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  • Antler Lodge Candle Warmer

    Antler Lodge -Glowing from within, this candle warmer is crafted in glass that is surrounded with a chicken wire frame. It is seated on a bed of faux antlers for a rustic touch that would be at home in almost any aesthetic.

  • Around The World Warmer

    Scentsy Around The World – Go global from the comfort of home with this distinguished warmer, complete with a real map of the world

  • Christmas Glow Warmer

    Scentsy Christmas Glow – Go for the glitz this holiday season with the spectacular Christmas Glow! when lit.

    $50.00 $45.00
  • Crystal Ice Warmer

    Crystal Ice Candle warmer – a bright blue urban inspired styled warmer. Modern, sleek and unique. Uses a 40 watt bulb to warm highly scented wax.

  • Daisy Lantern Warmer

    Scentsy Daisy Lantern – When Daisy Lantern is lit, it casts gorgeous, bloom-shaped shadows on any surface, while the bronze-toned finish adds a warm elegance.

  • Elegance Warmer

    This elegant candle warmer is reminiscent of a gentle time when guests were welcomed with tea in the
    parlor. Its delicately detailed pink glass design subtly illuminates.

  • Mid-Century Warmer

    Scentsy Mid-Century – Melt our wax with the heat of a low-watt lightbulb and fill your space with fragrance – not flame, smoke or soot.

  • Nova Warmer

    NEW! Scentsy Nova is A true original, Nova’s modern shape and one-of-a-kind light display (no two are exactly alike!) will drop a little dazzle into any situation.

  • Scentsy StarGaze Warmer

    Stargaze comes alive with a brilliant burst of light and color

  • Sea Stone Warmer

    Sea Stone Scentsy warmer-Gorgeous blue and green stones surround the outside so that when this candle warmer is lit, you get a lovely, water-like glow right in your home.

  • Seas the Day Warmer

    Scentsy Seas the Day – Want something simple that still stands out? Seize this versatile, coastally inclined warmer

  • Spindle Warmer

    Scentsy Spindle – Bronzed, hand, wound wire fits like a glove over a classic lantern shape for an elegant, rustic, chic

  • Vino Warmer

    Scentsy Vino – Cheers! A toast, worthy shape gets gussied up with hand, wound wire and a removable top, so you can achieve two different looks

  • Wildlife Warmer

    Weave some woodland magic into any space with this rustic, softly lit warmer, featuring a tranquil scene cast in perfect silhouette.