Scentsy Wraps

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  • Forest Meadow Wrap

    Scentsy Forest Meadow Wrap -A family of deer amble amidst towering firs in a beautifully detailed forest scape that brings nature’ tranquility indoors.

  • Friendly Forest Wrap

    Wrap your Etched Core or Carrara Warmer with a menagerie of cute critters and stylized flora, all rendered in a folk-art-inspired style.

  • Moose Valley Wrap

    Scentsy Moose Valley Wrap – Find rustic reverie in a beautifully rendered scene of a moose family in their woodsy homeland

  • Raven Wrap Warmer

    Raven Wrap & Etched Core Warmer – A raven stands big and bold against a neutral canvas to create this legendary Halloween silhouette.