Satin Sheets Travel Tin

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Satin Sheets Travel Tin – Sensual and earthy sandalwood, perfectly paired with rich, warm vanilla.

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I'm sorry, this product has been discontinued and is no longer available


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Perfect on the go or in smaller spaces that need great fragrance.

1 review for Satin Sheets Travel Tin

  1. Kristyn Seay

    I bought this fragrance in the Scentsy Pak and absolutely love it. I keep it in our camper. The previous owners had cats in the camper and they also smoked in the camper. The pak fills the entire camper with a light sweet, clean smell. I am sad to see they don’t care this fragrance in the Paks anymore, though I hope they will again soon so I can stock up on them. I will definitely buy this fragrance in another form, probably the travel tin or bar wax melts

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