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All About Scentsy

This is my scentsy help page that I will come back and update as I get more and more questions from the consultants or customers that I interact with. I hope this page helps everyone understand the Scentsy products just a little bit more!

If the below answers just aren’t cutting it, please use my contact page to contact me and learn more about Scentsy!

Scentsy Candles are wickless, flameless, and smokeless candles. They are great for people with children and pets because they make your space smell wonderful while still being safe. Unlike traditional candles, The Scentsy Candle Warmer doesn’t emit anything into the air. Therefore, there won’t be any lead or soot build up on your walls, furniture, or in your lungs.

The Warmers plug in to the wall and are warmed by a light bulb instead of a flame. The Scentsy Wax Cubes are placed in the Scentsy Warmer and within 10min, the wax starts melting and your home starts smelling great!

How Does Scentsy Work?

The Scentsy Bars are warmed and melted in one of our unique warmers. Rather than using a flame, Scentsy Warmers melt the wax using a 25 watt light bulb. This allows the wax to melt just above body temperature, eliminating the chance of burning yourself if your skin comes in contact with the wax.

Scentsy Specials

I always offer Monthly Specials on Scentsy Products! Each Month, I have different Scentsy promotions, however, it’s against Scentsy’s policy to advertise those specials to the public. Please email me to get the current specials that I have.  Scentsy Specials are usually different every month and they are my personal specials, not specials that others have. I love offering specials to my returning customers and I love referrals.

And because of the Scentsy Policy, I’m unable to advertise my personal specials to the general public, however, if you contact me – or even join my live chat on the bottom of this window, I will let you know what my specials are on Scentsy products and shipping.

Don’t forget, easy way to get Free Scentsy Products ——> If you’re purchase total is of $200 or more, please contact me so that I can offer you FREE Shipping and FREE Scentsy Products!

Scentsy Scents

There’s over 80 scents to choose from! Scentsy Scent Categories include: Fruity, Bakery, Scentsy Man, Spa, Coffee Shop, Romance..There’s something for everyone! Make sure you check out the Multi-Pack combos to save even more!
Where Can Scentsy Be Used?

The Scentsy Full Size Warmers are perfect for Living Rooms & Playrooms or even offices. There’s no flame, so they’re safe! Scentsy Mid-Size Warmers are Great for smaller rooms are areas that don’t have enough room for a Large Warmer. Great for Offices! Scentsy Plug in Warmers are great for Kitchens & Bathrooms, they’re able to fit in smaller areas that Maybe the larger warmers cant. Scentsy Room Sprays are Great for cars, locker rooms, dorms, your home, just about anywhere! They last a very long time! Scentsy Travel Tins are great for your car, your purse, lockers.. or to take with you when traveling for the hotel room. Scentsy’s Car Candles are really awesome and very affordable!

Buy Scentsy Online!

You can Buy Scentsy Online by clicking on the “Products” tab at the top of this page. Don’t forget to check my Scentsy Sales on my Specials Page! If you have questions, join my Live Chat! No need to wait for a Scentsy Party to get your favorite scents and wickless candles!

Free Shipping

I can tell you how to get FREE SHIPPING on your favorite Scentsy products –  Sign up for the Scentsy Club and get Free Shipping on your Club orders of at least $60

Email us for more information : [email protected]

Sell Scentsy!

Yes, when you Join Scentsy you are joining one of the fastest growing Home Based Candle Business out there. Scentsy offers one of the Best Compensation plans. We are dedicated to your success and are always available to help you anytime.You can join my team and start earning 20% commission right away!

Just Click the Join tab to learn more about starting your Scentsy Business! I’m a Scentsy Director and I have a team of 256 consultants from all over the US & Canada! I’m here to help!

Online Parties

Sure! I can set it up for you and give you a link that all your invites can order from. This will allow you to get credit for all the sales and get some FREE Scentsy products! It’s really simple!

Scentsy Light Bulbs

Scentsy Deluxe warmers use a 25 watt Bulb. Scentsy Plugin warmers use a 15 watt Bulb. Scentsy Mid-Size warmers use a 20 watt Bulb. These Bulbs can be kind of tough to find in stores, but you can buy Scentsy bulbs Online.


More Questions and Answers:

Scentsy Business USA:

The benefits of a Scentsy Business can be very rewarding.  Have you thought about starting your own Scentsy Candle Business? Here are some answers to some Scentsy FAQs you may have. Please feel free to email me or call me if you have more questions!

Q. How do I Join Scentsy?

A. Joining Scentsy is easy. Just go to my website Here.. You’ll be walked through a few simple steps, and in a few short days you will receive your Scentsy Starter Kit.

Q. What is a Scentsy Starter Kit?
A. Scentsy Starter Kits are $99 plus shipping and handling. Your Starter kit contains all 80+ scent samples, catalogs, order forms, business cards, and everything you will need to start your own Scentsy business. This price also includes your website for the first three months.

Q. How long does it take to get my Scentsy Starter Kit?
A. Scentsy generally ships starter kits within 72 hours of receiving your application. Starter Kits are shipped via UPS.

Q. Can I sell online?
A. Yes. Independent Consultants can sell Scentsy products online via their online Scentsy replicated website. All online advertising must first be approved by the home office.

Q. Can I sell Scentsy Products on eBay?
A. No. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of Scentsy, Scentsy Independent Consultants are prohibited from selling on eBay or any other auction type website.

Q. Can I sell Scentsy at fairs and events?
A. Yes! Scentsy Independent Consultants are allowed to sell Scentsy at local events and expos. You can elect to purchase inventory to resale at the events or take orders only. The choice is yours. Policy is only one Scentsy consultant per event, and this would be the first to pay registration to the event coordinator.

Q. Scentsy requirements for monthly/quarterly sales?
A. To remain a consultant you must have at least $150 PRV (personal retail volume), or more in one month out of a three month period.

Q. Are Scentsy Consultants allowed purchasing products at a discount and if so, what is the discount?
A. As a Scentsy Independent Consultant, we are allowed to submit orders as the hostess and earn the hostess rewards, plus commission! We pay for our products upfront and then are issued commissions on the 10th of each month via visa paycard.

Q. When are Scentsy Commissions paid?
A. Scentsy will post commission and bonuses to our work station on the tenth of the month.  From there, you will have access to transfer your funds to a bank account of your choice.  As a USA Scentsy Consultant, you will also be issued a Scentsy Visa debit card that ties into your commissions account.

Q. Does Scentsy ship to APOs and FPOs?
A. YES! Scentsy does ship to APOs!  There are some strict guidelines that must be followed, but contact me for more details.

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