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Free Scentsy Scent Sample

Free Scentsy Scent Sample
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Would you like a free scent sample of one of Scentsy’s most popular scents? What about a new Scentsy Catalog mailed to you?  Just fill out the form below and I’ll send you a sample of the new monthly scent, before it’s even released to the public!

Scentsy Scent Samples!

A sneak Peak of the new scent is an awesome way to know if you’ll like it before you even have a chance to buy it. Then, when it becomes available, you’ll get it for 10% off. What a great Scentsy deal, right?

*Depending on amount of entries received in a given month, delivery of free sample could take up to 90 days*

*Limited amount of samples sent out each month – If you don’t receive in first month, you’ll be added to a queue.*

*US ONLY*  Samples will not be sent to current Scentsy consultants

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  1. Id love free samples! Its hard to choose what I want to purchase online being that I cant actually smell them lol.

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