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Gallery Collection

Gallery Collection

Gallery warmer Collection





Curate your own personal exhibit with the Gallery Collection. Each Gallery warmer has a blank, magnetized panel that glows from within when lit. Simply snap on a Gallery Frame to customize your warmer and fill the room with beautiful patterns of shadows and light. Each Gallery warmer comes with your choice of Gallery Frames — you can expand your collection by purchasing Gallery Frames individually.

Choose a warmer below and for $35, you will be able to also choose 1 frame!

gallery charcoal

Gallery Warmer Package- Charcoal $35.00

gallery cream

Gallery Warmer Package – Cream $35

monarch brown

Brown Monarch Frame $7.00


monarch silver

Monarch Silver Frame $7.00


Rays brown

Rays – Dark Brown Frame $7.00


rays silver

Rays – Silver Frame $7.00


wren brown

Wren – Brown Frame $7.00

wren silver

Wren Silver Frame $7.00



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