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grace adele handbags

Grace Adele handbags have been discontinued and Grace Adele is no longer in business.  

Trista De Leon

Scentsy Family has announced the New Brand / Company that we’ve all been waiting “patiently” for.  There was 11,000 consultants at convention waiting to hear what the new brand was called and what we all had an opportunity to sell.

If you’d like to order Grace Adele Purses  or browse our products –

Please click here for my LIVE CHAT, and I’ll get back to you right away with the link to my site.

Grace Adele is actually the name of the owners (Orville & Heidi Thompson) youngest daughter. She came on stage and let us know that her birthday is the same time as convention every year and that her parents try to make it up to her every year by giving her something great for her birthday. She said that this year, they went overboard by naming the new company after her………everyone cheered! It was a great unveiling! She was adorable.

So what is Grace Adele?  It’s not just purses – it’s an entire Style – Let me show you..

First you’d Pick a Color: 7 Different colors/patterns, then you’d Pick a Bag: 7 different Styles, you can add a clutch if you’d like, even a wallet or makeup bag.

Here’s a Purse that I just put together using the step by step on our Grace Adele Site.

grace adele purse

You won’t only love the look of Grace Adele on the outside – But the inside is built with Intelligent interior, that means it has a pocket inside for just about everything you need. Phone, make up, keys…its a little organizer built into the purse and you and I both know that that is a very big plus when it comes to purses. Usually handbags come with one little zipper compartment and that’s it. That makes us have to go buy lots of different pieces to be able to organize everything in our bags.

Don’t forget about our package, it’s called “Fun and Fabulous” this package deal will save you $30….

You can get 1 purse of your choice and 2 clutches for only $130.

That’s like getting 5 purses….

1. you have the purse, with no clutch inserted for one look

2. Purse and one clutch which makes it look totally different

3. Purse and the other clutch, that changes the look again…

4. Just a clutch (because sometimes we don’t need a whole purse)

5. Just the other clutch


I’m so very excited to be a Grace Adele consultant. I used to be a Coach customer, and while I love all the different designs, they are three times (or more) the price of my Grace Adele purses.  Not only that, but I get 25% commission loaded on a visa pay card after I buy myself a purse. Oh, and guess what? Now my purses are a tax write off because they’re for advertising our products.  How cool is that?  If you’re interested in joining Grace Adele and becoming a consultant, please let me know. I’d love to have you join our Scentsy Family Group of over 450 consultants from all over the US, Guam, Hawaii, Ireland & Canada.


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