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We get asked the question all the time, ‘how does this work?’.  We’ve decided to answer some frequently asked questions as to how the business works, what requirements there are monthly and how much money you can make selling Scentsy. After reading this, we’re hoping that you will be ready to join the Scentsy group!

If you live in any of the markets noted in the chart below, you can join our Scentsy group. Our group is growing every day and we’d love to have you be a part of it!  It’s $99 to start your own business in the US. There’s a chart at the end of this page that will give you the startup cost for each market.  After selecting the market, you’re ready to join. You can only join Scentsy online because you have to agree to adhere to the Scentsy Policies before submitting the request to start your own business selling our Scentsy products.

scentsy join chart

What are the requirements monthly?

Monthly? There are no monthly requirements. However, there is a requirement to have at least $150 in Personal retail volume (sales) in one month out of a three month period.  Just to be clear, that does not mean that you can have $50 each month of the three months and they are cumulative. You’ll need to have $150 in one of the three months.  The other two months, you can have less than $150 and still remain a consultant.  What happens when you don’t meet the requirement? Scentsy will inactivate your account as a consultant.  You won’t owe anything, you just stop selling.  IF you choose to join at a later date, you can, however, you’ll need to wait six months to reinstate. You will only get the starter kit once in your lifetime. Reinstating in 6 months after going inactive won’t cost you anything up front as far as enrollment again. But you WILL need to buy new scent testers and catalogs since the season would have changed and the product line offered is different.

How much commission do we get?

As a new consultant (Essential Consultant), you’ll get 20% commission on all your sales.  Once you have sold your first $1000 in products, you’ll move up to a Certified Consultant and you’ll start earning 25% commission from that point on.  You do not have to have that $1000 in one month… it starts from the time you sign up and there is no time restriction on when that needs to happen. That part is all up to you.  How fast you want that extra 5% in commission.

As a bonus, if you have a great month, do a fundraiser or small event and your sales are over $2000 in one month, you’ll get a 5% bonus for that month.

When do we get paid

Scentsy pays commission on the 10th of every month for the previous month’s sales.

How do we get paid?

Scentsy loads our commissions in our Scentsy PayPortal. Once there, you can decide if you’d like your commissions loaded on your Visa PayCard (if in US & Canada) or deposited in your bank(s).

Do I have to have home parties?

Goodness, no.  We all know that people get busy and nowadays, it’s harder to find time to set aside time to have a party at your home.  So, we have more options now to share your passion for your business with others and allow others to experience Scentsy.

Basket parties – Basket parties are really ‘parties on the go’.  We have mini testers available in the Scentsy Store. You can loan the mini tester set, along with some catalogs and order forms to a customer that is interested in getting free and half priced products.  They can share the scents and gather orders for you on their time, with their friends and family and then return everything back to you. You can then enter the orders in the workstation and your hostess can get the rewards.  These typically last about a week.

Facebook Parties – These have been a huge hit. First, as a consultant, you would create an online party in your workstation, then you’d Create an event on facebook. Let your hostess invite all her friends and family to the event. Schedule the party to be over two nights. I find it easier to reach everyone.  Pick a time 5-7pm on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  Start posting product pictures and asking questions to event goers about scent choices, play a few games… and hopefully when the two nights are over, the hostess has at least $200 in sales *which then entitles her to rewards*.


We understand that you will have more questions. It’s normal. We’re here to help, please jump on our live chat to ask questions or email us at [email protected]


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