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Layers By Scentsy


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Scentsy Layers – Facts & Answers

Does Layers by Scentsy include any allergens or toxins?
Layers by Scentsy contains no known toxins, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde donors, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, or glycols. Layers by Scentsy products, however, do contain fragrance oils specifically designed for cosmetics, which have the potential to cause mild skin irritation for people with particular sensitivities or allergies. If you are worried about potential irritation, please test the product a small patch of skin for irritation before full use.

Is Layers by Scentsy tested on animals?
Layers by Scentsy is not tested on animals.

How long will the fragrance last?
The exact amount of time the fragrance lasts on your skin depends on your own body chemistry. Layers by Scentsy products contain the highest concentration and quality of fragrances possible, giving the wearer the longest lasting fragrance experience possible.

Why doesn’t my Layers by Scentsy product smell exactly like my Scentsy Bar with the same name?
Each Layers by Scentsy product was created with an existing Scentsy fragrance in mind, but each scent has been reformulated with fragrance oils designed to be worn on the body. The fragrance we use in Layers by Scentsy is designed to interact with your own skin and chemistry, resulting in a different—and deeply personal—fragrance on each wearer.

I used the Layers by Scentsy Washer Whiffs and my clothes didn’t get clean. What happened?
Washer Whiffs don’t have any detergent properties; it isn’t meant to clean your clothes. Think of it as perfume for your laundry—it adds your favorite Scentsy fragrance to your clothes. You will still need to use laundry detergent.

I used the Layers by Scentsy Dryer Disk for 15 loads and it still smells good. Can I keep using it?
The Dryer Disk fragrance and anti-static properties should last for up to 15 loads. If it is still fragrant after 15 loads, you can continue to use your Dryer Disk until the fragrance dissipates.

Why doesn’t the Layers by Scentsy shower gel get really sudsy?
The cleansing agents in the shower gel are effective and gentle cleansers, maximizing cleansing with decreased suds.

Are these products safe to use on my children?
Yes, Layers for Scentsy is safe for use by children.

Can I use Layers by Scentsy products on my face?
Layers by Scentsy products are not designed to be used on the face. If your Layers by Scentsy product comes in contact with your eyes, flush the product out of your eyes with water.

What if I need to return my Layers by Scentsy product?
Scentsy does not accept returns or exchanges for items not in re-sellable condition unless you received a defective product. If a damaged Layers by Scentsy product was received, we will exchange it for the same product in the same scent. Independent Scentsy Consultants are responsible for all exchanges aside from defective or damaged product exchanges. The item may not be returned simply because someone does not like the scent.

What is the difference between “fine” fragrance and “home” fragrance?
Fine fragrance is wearable and designed with your skin in mind; it’s cosmetic grade. Each individual has a unique experience wearing fine fragrance because your skin modifies the scent due to your skin pH interacting with the fragrance. Home fragrance, like the kind we use in our wax and room sprays, is not designed for your skin and is not approved for use in cosmetics.

What makes Layers by Scentsy special?
It’s the quality of the product. From the base material that holds the oils to the actual fragrance oils used, from packaging to duration, quality is our primary goal. Scentsy products have always been designed to deliver value in quality, price, product volume, and duration.

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