Scentsy and mom blogs

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This post goes to all those mom bloggers out there…Why aren’t you Selling Scentsy?

mom blogPower of the stay at home Mom

When I first started searching the web more and finding these “mom blogs” I became addicted to learning from them and what each of them specialized in.  I learned how to save money by using coupons, I also learned Search engine optimization (SEO) and how to build a blog.  There are some that made me laugh and some that made me cry because I could relate to their blog.  What I found fascinating, as I kept browsing the popular mom blogs…. is that they all were making money talking about things that they loved, knew how to do or simply found online and wanted to share.  How were these popular mom blogs making money?  Advertising on their mom blogs… there are so many ways to advertise and earn money just by having an ad on your website.  What I found amazing though, is that they had facebook followers by the hundreds…some in the thousands.  They tweeted on twitter and so did all their followers.

Scentsy and the Mom Bloggers

Now, I’m not sure if they realize it, and they’re just making enough money and their not interested… but with all those contacts and followers already stacked up.. why aren’t they selling Scentsy? They don’t have to have home parties, so it’s not the time that is their excuse.  Since Customers can order directly off your Scentsy site , all you have to do is lead them there.  You dont even have to talk to people about it.. all the mom bloggers would have to do is put their own “advertising button” on their blog instead of someone else’s. They already have a rapport with all the customers that order Scentsy.

By sharing their stories, guiding us on “how to’s” and letting us know that we’re not the only mom out there with similar issues, they have our attention, more power to them!

So, if you’re a mom blogger… share with me.. .what’s stopping you from selling Scentsy?

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I guess there’s a lot of other consultants that liked this blog post that I wrote because I have found it reproduced a few times. Since I wrote this, there have been numerous well known people sign up to sell Scentsy. It’s amazing to watch this company take off!!

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