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Monster Monday 2017

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Wow! Who knew there were such good sales in October? Scentsy has announced their Monster Monday Sales Event – with products up to 80% off!

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Monster Monday Sales!

There’s only one more Monday in October – and I have a feeling that this will be the best sale out of the three other events.  The first couple of Monday’s our customers have shared the sale and bombarded our Scentsy servers with so many hits that it all came to a halt and they had to add more bandwidth.  It was unbelievable to see so many customers login and check out the sale – lotions for $1.50 and plugin warmers for only $5 !! People were already thinking about holiday’s around the corner and what a great time to stock up! Tomorrow, will be no different. However, I think Scentsy is prepared this time for the amount of visitor’s we’ll encounter and our servers are ready for ya.  It’s worth a look to see what’s in our sale. To visit our Monster Monday sale – please click on the image below to go shopping!

scentsy sale

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