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NEW! Scentsy Jelly Belly Collection

Announcing our Jelly Belly Wax Collection

Our new Jelly Belly Wax Collection is a classic mix of fragrance and flavor — there are some actual Jelly Belly beans in the box as well! Available starting Oct. 14 and while supplies last, this collector’s box includes five Scentsy Bars in some of Jelly Belly’s most popular flavors:


Sizzling Cinnamon — A spicy, sweet blend of real cinnamon, orange zest and sugarcane.


Juicy Pear — Jam-packed with lush Anjou pears and bright vanilla cotton candy.


Toasted Marshmallow — Oozing with the buttery scent of fire-roasted vanilla, crystallized amber and hints of cedarwood.


Green Apple — A perfect fusion of tart green apples, spun sugar and candy-sweet vanilla.


Tutti-Fruitti — Tantalizingly fruity, juicy citrus and subtle florals swirl with wintergreen and cloves.


The Jelly Belly Wax Collection is just $30* while supplies last.


Make your senses swirl with the Jelly Belly Wax Collection.

jelly belly collection
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  • Lillian Anthony

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    Wondering do you have the scent Cozy Fireplace? I simply love the country spicy scents. Give me some ideas for other country spicy scents.

    Thank you
    Lillian Anthony

    • Scentsy Candles

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      Sure do!

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