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Scentsy Wickless Candles are safer and more affordable than jar candles that use a wick and a flame. We have lots of different warmer designs and over 80 scents to choose from. Thanks for visiting our site, come back again soon!


  • michelle rosborough

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    I like Cherry Limeade

  • Kelly Ann T.

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    I like the Sticky Cinnamon Bun and welcome home scents. My favorite warmer is the Celtic Love Knot Full-Size Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM

  • Jessie

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    For scents I would choose My Home and Sunkissed Citrus, for a warmer my fav right now is Bride. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  • KIM D.

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    Would love to try these!

  • Nicole Vosburgh

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    I would love the Taro plug in!

  • Trina

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    Scentsy is the best!!

  • Shirley W

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    All great

  • Tina Carlson

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    The Fizz plug in burner would match my place perfectly. As for scents, there are so many great ones to choose from. The ones I would like to try the most are: Home Sweet Home, White Sands and anything with a true rose scent.

  • Stacey Bradley

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    Blueberry cheesecake!!!! That’s my favorite scent but would also like buckleberry, iced pine, frosted ginger cookie, whiteout, apple press, french toast…oh, so many wonderful scents. And I love the Doodlebud warmer or Natures Haven. The new one, Bandeau is also really pretty. I like Heavenly too! OMG, how would I decide???

  • Michelle Underwood

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    Classic collection- Green warmer

  • Marlene V

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    I would love the Beach scent

  • Mandy

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    LSU warmer! Geaux Tigers!

  • Hayley Locke

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    I love Sweet Pea scent.

  • Shannon Burrows

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    I enjoy the scentsy melts.

  • Nicole Rice

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    I have not really found a scent that I have not enjoyed.. Scentsy is wonderful 🙂

  • Hailey L.

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    I love the Hope Warmer. So pretty!

  • Kerri Malary

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    I love the Montauk Candle Warmer, Love Story, Sweet Pea & Vanilla, and Luna scents.

  • Tawanna Osborne

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    I really like the warm scents like pumpkin. Since the holidays are coming it would awesome to win.

  • Eva Mack

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    any scent

  • Paula

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    Oh my gosh, I am having a hard time time trying to choose what I would choose! I love everything! But if I absolutely must choose I think I would go with the full size cupcake warmer and the sticky cinnamon bun and baked apple pie. I love the smell of something baking in the oven. Oh and the holiday warmers are so cute also! What a great way to decorate for the holidays AND have my house smell good at the same time! 🙂

  • Heather Lynne

    Please wait...

    oh, now it’s working!
    I love the brown plugin and a bunch of the bigger ones, too!
    I’d love to try some of the new fall/winter scents!

  • Amy Orvin

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    I like the cupcake full sized warmer and the scents would be jumpin jellybean, Sticky Cinnamon Bun and Sugar Cookie

    [email protected]

  • Immaculate Copeland

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    I would love to win this!

  • Rachel

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    I love the butterfly warmer and zebra. Anything girly. I really want to try this stuff out so I can start selling Scentsy.

  • Tina Schill

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    I love making my hone inviting by having a great scent throughout my home!

  • Michelle H.

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    i think I would choose either the Boleyn or Bride warmer and for the scents, White sands, French Lavendar, and Satin Sheets.

  • Susan Ladd

    Please wait...

    I love the scent of Vanilla. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !!!!!!

  • sonja Almand

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    I love the smell of baked apple pie!

  • Deanna Diebler

    Please wait...

    I would love to try this product

  • Anilydia Ruiz

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    I’ve owned Scentsy products before and I absolutely love them! The wax melts at a leisurely pace, the fragrance lingers for a wonderful amount of time, and the entire product lasts forever. Absolutely in love with Scentsy and I’m enjoying the website. Time to do a bit of shopping!

  • tenita

    Please wait...

    i hope i win good luck to all

  • Jauna

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    yay so exciting i love scentsy!

  • Trish Wages

    Please wait...

    I have never tried or own’d Scentsy products before and now that they are 10% off I am going to buy something today. I 1st came encounter with Scentsy at a booth in a downtown office bldg. in St.Louis and loved the strong scent and beautiful warmers. I am looking forward to shopping, thanks for the % off and for the sweepstakes, How Fun!

    Trish from St.Louis,Mo.

  • The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia

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    I would choose a classic warmer in black and my scents would be: sweet pea & vanilla, sticky cinnamon bun and sunkissed citrus

  • sandi mertes

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    I would choose the lilic scent—-so sweet & refreshing

  • Joan

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    I would probably choose the slate burner and some new holiday scents.

  • Ambre W.

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    I’s pick the Heavenly Full-Size Scentsy Warmer

  • Christina

    Please wait...

    I love Scentsy products and think it is wonderful that you’re offering a giveaway! Thank you, Trista!

  • Boobies

    Please wait...

    First, THANK YOU!! 🙂

    I adore the Zebra Warmer…and would love to try these scents: Pixie, Zepplin, & Satin Sheets!

  • Mishelle F

    Please wait...

    I really like the Seashell Plug in warmer or the green scentsy warmer 🙂

    I’d like Two Harbors, Pixie, Jelly Bean, Red Candy Apple, Sugar, Surfer Chic or Beach 🙂

    Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  • Lauren

    Please wait...

    Id really like to try baked apple pie or peach a la mode. Either this warmer or this one

  • Diane

    Please wait...

    I love the Jane warmer and might pick the:
    Lucky In Love, Hemmingway, and the Be Still scents

  • Lynn

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    Would love to try these candles.

  • jenny hebert

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    love this product use it every day

  • cathi rushing

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    I jsut love the stuffed animals for me grandkids, I think i have everyone !

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