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Scentsy Convention in Texas

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Another year with an incredible company.  Scentsy’s annual convention is going to be held at the Ft. Worth convention center in Ft. Worth, Texas.  It will be from August 3rd through August 5th. Before joining Scentsy, I had never been involved in direct sales companies, so I had no idea what to expect when I attended the 2009 Scentsy convention in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I was excited about Scentsy before I left my house in Idaho, but in no way did that compare to how excited and motivated I was when I arrived in Utah and saw thousands of Scentsy Sisters glammed out in Scentsy wear. Scentsy banners were hanging around town and everybody was excited to meet the consultant that stood beside you.  That still did not prepare me for the first day of convention.  Hearing the founders, Orville and Heidi Thompson speak about how Scentsy came about as a company, seeing the passion they have for the company was motivation in itself.  I was able to attend my first convention as a Scentsy Director and that was a major goal that I had.  I was also awarded with an annual mentor award, which meant that I recruited 20 consultants within Scentsy’s fiscal year.  I received a trophy and a $1,000 bonus.  I came home from that week away with new goals, a new perspective and more determined to make money using my new Scentsy tools and products that we received at convention.

2010 Scentsy Convention

In 2010, the Scentsy Convention was held in Denver Colorado.  I new what to expect from this convention and couldn’t wait to get that feeling again.  I, however, was not prepared to see that many more consultants than the year before.  There were so many of us this year.  Meeting new friends, enjoying time with the one’s that you met the year before and seeing everyone running around that town wearing the Scentsy logo was amazing.  We received so much scentsy product at convention that none of us wanted to carry it around.  New Scentsy scent testers, the scentsy buddy, new wax bars, candle warmers and more.  The announcement of the new fall and winter products at convention is definitely worth the whole experience.  I mean, you get to find out before anyone else, what Scentsy has dreamed up for the new season. I have never experienced anything like this before.  I received the annual mentor award again at this convention and thrilled that I went to this convention as a Star Director and that I had reached my goal.

I’m very excited to attend this year’s 2011 annual convention because I will be sharing it with some very special team members. I am already getting our goodie bags and special convention wear started and cannot wait to share it with our Scentsy Team.  Scentsy’s convention registration hit almost 7,000 attendees the first day that registration opened up. There will be 12,000 Scentsy consultants in Texas this year!  This is going to be an amazing trip and I’m thankful for Scentsy and their great event planning! I only wish that I could afford to send my whole team to convention.  The fun and motivation it brings is beyond comparison. I love giving team gifts and team day at convention is so fun…everywhere you look you see Scentsy sisters wearing Scentsy colors and bling.

See y’all in Texas!

*if you’re not a consultant, but would like to sign up to sell Scentsy, visit my Join Scentsy page HERE! *

Update:  We currently have 17 Scentsy consultants from our group attending the Scentsy convention in ft. worth Texas so far! We’re going

to have an amazing time! We have some great convention gifts for our team members…can’t wait til August!

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