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Scentsy February

Scentsy February

February Scent and Warmer

Each month, Scentsy introduces a brand new fragrance and Scentsy Warmer that are not included in our current catalog! To celebrate holidays and the seasons, these fragrances and warmers are available at a 10% discount during their promotional month.

Pixie Scent :

A mischievous moonscape of pink pepper, mandarin, and heliotrope, deepened by exotic teakwood and vanilla oak.




Scentsy FebruaryPixie Bar
$4.50 ($0.50 off)


Scentsy February

Pixie  Brick
$18.00 ($2.00 off)


Scentsy February

Pixie Room Spray
$7.20 ($0.80 off)

Scentsy February

Pixie Scent Circle
$2.70 ($0.30 off)


Scentsy February

Flutterby  Warmer PREMIUM
$31.50 ($3.50 off)


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