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Like most of us, you hate paying shipping on online orders, am I right? 

Well, we have some great news. There’s a way that you don’t have to pay shipping. Let me explain –  We have this new program called ‘Scentsy Club’ . Let me explain the perks of this new club: 

  1. You select the products you’d like to purchase 
  2. You select when you want them 
  3. You select how often you want to get them or if it’s just once. 

IF your order is at least $30, you only pay $5 shipping.  IF your order is at least $60, Your order gets free shipping.  

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You can update those orders, cancel the order, skip the order for that month – you have control of the orders and you don’t have to go through a consultant.  

There’s one other perk of the Scentsy Club which is extremely important twice a year.  When catalog season is upon us in February and in August – you find out which scentsy scents will be discontinued.  IF you add that scent to your scentsy club order before it’s discontinued, you can always get that scent, even though it’s not available in the catalog or online.  You can get it as long as you don’t remove it from your Scentsy club order.  Once you remove it, you can’t add it back again.  

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