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Scentsy Fundraisers

basketball candle warmer
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Looking for information regarding a Scentsy Fundraiser? You’ve arrived at the right spot. I give up my commission for my fundraisers.  (I’m unable to post how much commission I give, because it’s considered a personal special, so please contact me for the percentage)

Scentsy fundraisers help support groups like baseball, football teams, cheerleader squads, church events, PTA school fundraisers, and lots more!  We have a couple options for you and your group.

  • Scent Circles are only $3 each. This is one of our most popular fundraiser products. Consumers are more likely to purchase a lot of scent circles because of how affordable they are.
  • Scentsy Car Bars are only $6 each and last a long time. These car bars are new and are super cute.  They’re small, but mighty!
  • Scentsy Travel Tins are only $5 each and are an easy sale being that everyone can use these somewhere in their home, lockers or cars.
  • We can also have a fundraiser that includes the full product line , including warmers and scentsy scent bars. It does include a little more work, but the payoff could be huge.

Please let me know if you’re interested, I will supply you with fundraiser order forms & envelopes.

Thanks for your ongoing interest in our Scentsy products! We value your loyal business.

scentsy football warmer scentsy baseball soccer ball scentsy basketball candle warmer