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In 2010, Scentsy celebrated its six-year anniversary by initiating a charitable giving program called the Six-Pack Give Back, which consisted of six service projects:

Race for the Cure—In May, Scentsy employees, consultants and their families and friends organized the largest team ever assembled for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® in Boise—2,200 people raced to support breast cancer awareness. Scentsy donated more than $171,000 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation—more than half of the $270,000 fundraising goal for the area.

Paint the Town—This is so cool, in June, more than 120 Scentsy employees, consultants and friends and family participated in Boise Idaho’s-  Paint the Town. Ten Scentsy teams visited the homes of senior citizens and disabled Boise, Idaho residents and spruced up their homes with fresh coats of paint. What an awesome way to make someone’s day, month and even future years in their home.

Vein Ambition—In July, 180 Scentsy employees and consultants signed up to donate blood, providing 140 pints of usable blood to the Red Cross. Simply Amazing!

Fashion Forward—Two Boise organizations, Dress for Success® and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, received large donations of new and gently used clothing from Scentsy’s Fashion Forward event in July. It’s never ending with Scentsy, they keep coming up with ways to give back to the communities that us as consultants live in.

Change Challenge—Scentsy employees and consultants raised money for Wednesday’s Child, a Boise charity that features a child in need of an adoptive family, every Wednesday on KTVB News Channel 7, an NBC affiliate. Scentsy employees were encouraged to donate their spare change to reach Scentsy’s goal of $10,000. During the company’s Intensity Convention 2010, consultants were also encouraged to donate to Wednesday’s Child. Scentsy’s total donation reached $16,000.

Contribute 2010—To wrap up the Six-Pack Give Back program, the company contributed $50,000 toward helping 20 family-owned Treasure Valley businesses. Each Scentsy employee received $50 to spend in one of the stores chosen by the Six-Pack Give Back team. To hear the feedback of the businesses that received the business that day was amazing. It really touched a lot of business owners and their families and helped so many in the hurting economy.

Thanks Scentsy! For all you do for us as consultants and the community’s we live in!


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