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Scentsy Go System

I’m so excited to be sharing with you our new Scentsy Go !

Scentsy New Scent System – Scentsy Go

Are you as excited as we are to announce the NEW scent delivery system for our Fall & Winter 2017 Catalog?

The Scentsy Go is now available!

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cordless go


Scentsy Go is a portable, battery operated fragrance system that with a touch of a button, turns on a little fan that kicks out a punch of highly scented Scentsy scent.  Comes with a rechargeable battery, which will last up to 40 hours.

scentsy go pod


An internal fan blows air through the Scentsy Pods,

filling any small space with fragrance in seconds.

go scentsy color led


Enjoy the full seven-color LED light display, or adjust to pause on the color of your choice.

scentsy go system


Twist open the cover. Drop in 1-2 Scentsy Pods; 2 Pods increase fragrance strength for larger spaces. Close. Turn on.


scentsy go pods

Scentsy Go uses Scentsy Pods.  Scentsy Pods come in 15 of the favorite scents, each pod lasts up to 120 hours.

They come in a two pack clam shell case.  Just pop the scentsy pod out of the clam shell and place in your Scentsy Go.

If you’re ready to scent a larger area, use two scentsy pods.You can even use two different scents to create a custom scent all your own.


scentsy go rose or silver

The unit also comes with a usb port and cable so that you can easily charge the unit.

Scentsy Go in Silver or Rose Gold
Two different styles will be offered.There will be one with a Scentsy Silver band and the Scentsy Rose Gold band.

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Facts About Scentsy Go

Where can the Scentsy Go be used?
How long does it take Scentsy Go to infuse a space with fragrance?
How long does the Scentsy Go last when fully charged?
How many fan options are there?
What are Scentsy Pods?
How many Scentsy Pods should I use with Scentsy Go?
How long do Scentsy Pods last?
Does Scentsy Go come with a cord that can be plugged into a wall to charge?
 Are you Interested in getting your own Scentsy GO System?

We’re not just candle warmers and wax anymore. We have a range of scent products available now. Diffusers are a huge hit, especially being that the quality of our oil diffusers (that provide a mist of scent and don’t use a cartridge).. are above and beyond those that you can purchase on Amazon or Walmart. We are often asked for a battery operated Candle warmer instead of a warmer that you plugin to the wall.However, our candle warmers work by using electric because it’s strong enough to provide the scent throw needed.My favorite product, aside from our candle warmers are our Scentsy laundry products.  Starting from our laundry detergent, then the washer whiffs that you pour in the washer for scent, then our dryer disks that will be tossed in the dryer to add even more scent.
Stuffed animals called “Scentsy Buddy” are great gifts for little ones. These limited edition buddies are soft and cuddly and can have a scent pak placed in their zippered back.Scentsy Clean – Counter

Cleaner, Hand Soap & Dish washing soap are a must in your kitchen.. light, clean, crisp fragrances to help you enjoy washing dishes. We also have Scentsy fresh, which is like Febreeze , but better because they come in your fave Scentsy scents.
If you have any questions about our new scent system – Please use the button below!Now would be a great time to start your own scentsy business. New products to sell and the holidays just around the corner- Start your own Scentsy business now and learn all there is to learn before the busy holiday season starts.

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  1. I’d like to be notified when this is available. I have been searching for a battery operated scent “warmer” or anything for my office! I just recently accepted a position as a high school dance teacher and have to keep things battery operated to keep my office smelling nice!

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