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Scentsy in California

Scentsy in California

It amazes me that there are not more Scentsy Consultants in California!

Scentsy Candles in California

I moved from Burbank California three years ago, we now reside in Idaho.  When we first moved to Boise, Idaho… I started seeing the Scentsy open house signs everywhere. I had no idea what Scentsy was then. As I strolled into an open house one afternoon, I feel in love with a new product.  Over 80 scents, are you kidding me!  Scentsy candle warmers are so easy and convenient to have because of the safety aspect. I don’t have to worry anymore about the little one getting close to the flame. There is no flame!

I lived in Ventura County growing up and then moved to Valencia / Newhall area when I graduated from school.  Then down to Los Angeles / Burbank to find work. I’m surprised at how the economy is in California now and wonder why people haven’t started selling Scentsy to help with that income. California is a huge state with a population of over 37,335,685 – There are only 6,879 Consultants in the entire state. Some of those consultants aren’t even actively selling Scentsy, but just joined to get the products.

I’d love to have more California consultants on my team because I know that it’s just starting to take off there. Being from there and knowing the lifestyles and knowing how busy people get, Scentsy is perfect for either the hard working career individual or the stay at home mom. Home parties aren’t required. You dont have to do home parties to sell Scentsy. You can have customers order and buy from your website online, you can give them catalogs and testers and they can gather orders from you at their convenience.  It’s simple and flexible.

I’m a Star Director and I can help you start your Scentsy business. Our group consists of 249 Consultants from all over the U.S and Canada. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Please contact me if you’d like to know more.  You can also check out my Join Page to read about the details of joining Scentsy.

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Looking for People in the following California Cities to join Scentsy and be part of my fast growing team:

Bakersfield, Sacramento, Modesto, San Fransisco, Santa Monica, Riverside, Burbank, Ventura,  Los Angeles, Mountain View, Santa Barbara

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