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We love our candle warmers and nightlight warmers that we plug in to the wall! We love them so much that we go through light bulbs to keep them going. That’s okay, we have a deal on light bulbs for you!

Scentsy Replacement Light Bulbs

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Light Bulbs

Get a 3 pack of light bulbs in 15 watt, 20 watt and 25 watt! Only $5 for each three pack of replacement bulbs. Don’t buy these light bulbs on ebay or amazon, they are overpriced. Order straight through Scentsy to ensure you get authentic products.

  • 15 watt light bulbs are used in the nightlight warmers that you plug directly to the wall outlet.
  • 20 watt bulbs are mainly used for 3 piece candle warmers that have some type of lid.
  • 25 watt bulbs are for the majority of the Scentsy warmers, especially the older types.

If you have any questions as to what type of candle warmer light bulb your warmer uses, please let us know, we’re here to help!

We’re always offering specials – check with us to see if you qualify!


History of the light bulb

In addressing the question of who invented the incandescent lamp, historians Robert Friedel and Paul Israel list 22 inventors of incandescent lamps prior to Joseph Swan and Thomas Edison. They conclude that Edison’s version was able to outstrip the others because of a combination of three factors: an effective incandescent material, a higher vacuum than others were able to achieve (by use of the Sprengel pump) and a high resistance that made power distribution from a centralized source economically viable.

Historian Thomas Hughes has attributed Edison’s success to his development of an entire, integrated system of electric lighting.

The lamp was a small component in his system of electric lighting, and no more critical to its effective functioning than the Edison Jumbo generator, the Edison main and feeder, and the parallel-distribution system. Other inventors with generators and incandescent lamps, and with comparable ingenuity and excellence, have long been forgotten because their creators did not preside over their introduction in a system of lighting.

— Thomas P. Hughes, In Technology at the Turning Point, edited by W. B. Pickett

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