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Below are our most popular product categories. When you think of Scentsy Products, this is usually what you are envisioning. But don’t ever limit yourself – try new products from our store in the fragrances you already love or try a new scent all together. Be Bold in 2019!

New Scentsy Specials – 2019

Limited edition, or limited time offers are a norm around here.  Be sure to get your hands on these specials before they’re sold out or gone for good! At Scentsy, we’re all about the specials and love offering deals in our online store.

Scentsy Bath – Body

Being yourself. It feels good. So does smooth and moisturized skin. Scentsy Body Collection products help you express your individuality through fragrance while nourishing your skin with vitamin-rich formulas. Scentsy Body includes, Body Wash, Lotions, creams and bath bombs.

Scentsy Laundry

There’s fragrance, and then there’s full-cycle fragrance. Our high-performance laundry products work best together to fight stains, lift away dirt, soften fabrics and infuse washables with our exclusive, long-lasting scents. Choose our Laundry Liquid, Clothing Softener, Washer Whiffs and Dryer Disk for a complete laundry fragrance experience.

Scentsy Clean

Win the war on grime. Our cutting-edge home cleaning formulas tackle the hard stuff with ease and leave behind beautiful Scentsy fragrance. Our Scentsy Clean Collection includes our popular Counter Cleaner, Kitchen Soaps and now our NEW Bathroom Cleaner that is now an all time favorite product.

Scentsy Kids

Kick up the fun with imaginative products and bright, kid-friendly fragrances. Who doesn’t love a Scentsy Buddy?  These limited time Stuffed animals are not only cuddly, but smell great too. Scentsy Kid Collection is always being updated in the Scentsy Online Store

Scentsy Bulbs, Replacement Parts

Elevate your Scentsy experience with a warmer accessory designed for added convenience or beauty such as our Candle Warmer stands. We also have replacement dishes and bulbs to keep your warmer going.

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