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Scentsy review

scentsy nightlight

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56 thoughts on “Scentsy review

  1. Love ❀️Scentsy and the products are great ?? awesome , use my warmers every day ,just can’t let the day go by without useing them . Love love ❀️ scentsy .

  2. I love my scentsy, diffusers, warmers, and plug ins.So many awesome waxes and oils. Some classify me as a scentsy addict!❀?It’s hard to hold back when they keep coming out with new,things. “Long live Scentsy!

  3. Love Love Love! Fast and convenient! I like that I don’t have to wait for someone to book a party, I can order as needed. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a replacement top for one of my favorite warmers! Thanks!!!

  4. Scentsy is better than regular plug-ins because you don’t have to deal with the same scent if you get tired of it. You put the wax in the warmer, and you’ll smell the scent for a few days before changing it. It’s also safer than a regular candle! The worst that can happen if a pet or child knocks it over is spilled wax, as opposed to a fire hazard if one knocks over a candle or incense.

  5. Looooooooove me so scentsy!!! I don’t feel like my house is “clean” unless I have all my scentsy’s on in the rooms! We just remodeled our 30 yr old bathroom and I would love to win so I can display a scentsy warmer to make the bathroom complete!!!

  6. My sister and I are OBSESSED with Scentsy. We reckoned it to family and friends all the time! I’d love to win and add even more to my growing collection

  7. I love Scentsy ease it slowly relates the scents and you can buy a scent that doesn’t overpower the room. My husband can’t stand strong scents but he likes scentsy. I have had a warmer since when Scentsy first became popular and I still use that warmer to this day. Thank you Scentsy for creating such an awesome produc!. I love the new styles that are coming out too.

  8. I’ve loved Scentsy for years but lost track of who I was buying it from. So glad I found this dealer, she is prompt in sending out my orders and I have always loved the various scents.

  9. Secntsy is the best! When it comes to making your home smell better there is no other brand that can top Scentsy! I use my Scentsy warmer everyday without fail.

  10. Love Scentsy! Love the ease of ordering online and quick delivery! Scentsy lasts longer than any tarts I’ve used!! Will continue using them in both home and office!!

  11. This is the most amazing products on the market. The customer service as well as the EC committee is amazing as well. I can’t get enough of this it is so amazing .

  12. I am totally addicted to Scentsy, I love all the scents and the warmers are so pretty, great gifts for people and of course to treat yourself πŸ™‚
    cant decide which one I need next as I like them all.

  13. I love my warmers!
    I have a Great Dane in the house & Scentsy keeps my home smelling wonderful.
    I also love the customer service I get every time I place an order. I also love the night light warmer, I keep it plugged in my bathroom!

  14. I love Scentsy products. I have 8 warmers in my home that I use daily. I give Scentsy products to family and friends and they love them too.

  15. Love all the fresh smells in my house. I need new warmers but retired and on small budget. However, I order when I can. Always have great service,

  16. I bought a Scentsy warmer last year, was the best thing I ever bought! I come home to the smell of a beautiful candle, I absolutely love scentsy, although I have never actually tried your melts πŸ™ I have gone to friends houses and seen/smelt theirs but I’m never able to get my hands on any! I would love to win this, so I can finally try out some real scentsy melts! At the moment I just use the $4 melts from the Reject shop which I gather is as good as any! Thanks Scentsy and good luck to everyone!

  17. I bought the Skull Scentsy night light as a gift and my friend really liked it, could not stop talking about it, was very happy which made me really happy. I love all of the different choices for scents, my allergies thank you for all the choices, so i am able to enjoy. (Very Merry Cranberry and Mulberry) πŸ˜‰
    Thank you

  18. trista is the best star director i have ever known she is good with her customers and cares so much about our opinions! I love scentsy ! my favorite scentsy is Luna I absolutely love it ? thank you for making scentsy purchasing !n amazing experience

  19. I love Scentsy. It doesn’t bother my wife’s allergies, it smells good, and isn’t a fire hazard! It’s a win win. I only wish I could afford to buy more! Soon… πŸ™‚

  20. Love Scentsy! I have used it for years since it was a very small company. The scents are the best and last sooooo much longer than other knockoff scents that you can buy in stores. I’ll stick with Scentsy!

  21. I bought the skull scentsy burner and it is amazing. It’s so cute and smells the whole house up with wonderful scents

  22. Love, LOVE Scentsy! There are a lot of warmers and a lot of wax tarts on the market, but NOTHING compares to Scentsy – all I’ve been using for years – all I ever will use!

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