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When I have a team member ask me why – why should I go to convention this year and spend$250 + airfare to get there?  Is it worth it? I don’t think of these consultants as people that don’t care about their business, or as a slackers, in any means.  I’m reminded of my feelings 5 years ago. I’m reminded of how much I questioned what I was doing and my “why” of  why I decided to join Scentsy.

I signed up to sell Scentsy 5 1/2 years ago to make some extra money for my family.  To be able to get caught up on bills. I had never sold anything before and I really was skeptical of the whole direct selling community.  I avoided those people, I didn’t want to be the sales lady that people avoided.  What I didn’t realize, is that most people are NOT that person. You don’t have to be a pushy salesperson if your product that you’re selling is actually that great that all you have to do is Share the product and have people fall in love with it.  Being an active candle lover and enjoying the scent of candle wax and perfume oils, I was always on the search for a strong, long lasting candle.  The problem was that I couldn’t find one that lasted after I blew out the flamed wick.  My whole house then smelled of burnt wick, instead of the smell of the candle.

I signed up in September of 2008.. I went director in March of 2009, six months later.  I then moved up to Star Director in 2010 and I have a great team of girls in my group.  I went to my first convention in  Utah in 2009 and was amazed!! I felt a part of a bigger thing. It wasn’t just my business, it was a a business that I shared with hundreds, thousands of other women.  I met some fantastic friends! I was then able to attend convention in Denver, Las Vegas and now St. Louis.  Scentsy renamed the Annual convention to be called Reunion because that’s how it feels, I’m able to see friends from all over the U.S. that I’ve met over the years every year and share our business.

We also get to here and see the owners – Heidi & Orville Thompson and everyone else from the home office.  Heidi will make you cry with her speeches of the heart and compassion.  Orville will give you goosebumps with his motivation and goal orientated “orvilism’s”.

You leave our Scentsy convention every year feeling energized and supercharged to kick off your business again.

St. Louis – here we come !!!!

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