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To add a pleasant feeling and a soothing effect to your home environment, there is no better alternative to a scent with a touch of warmness. And when it comes to fragrance to fill your space, there is nothing better in quality and safety than Scentsy warmers and candles.

Scentsy candles and warmers are popular all around the world because of their high quality and their unmatched features.

  • No more wick as the candles are wickless.
  • No more fire as the Scentsy warmers use different heating element.
  • Unmatched variety of 80 different Scentsy scents to choose from.
  • No more smoke.
  • No more flame or soot.
  • Unlike standard jarred candles, Scentsy wickless candles melt away no damaging chemicals in the air.
  • Easy to use.
  • Longer life expectancy (up to 80 hours).

How Does Scentsy Warmers and Candles Work?

All of the 80 available Scentsy scents use specially formulated and high-quality wax to provide an amazing experience to the users. Scentsy warmers use a heating element or a low-watt light bulb to melt the wax (depends on the type of warmer). The light bulb gently warms the wickless wax cubes used inside the ceramic candle warmer. The technique used is not only safe but it also maximizes the fragrance time.

The use of heating element other than fire makes the Scentsy warmers safe for kids and pets. You can choose from 80 different Scentsy scents to add a fragrance according to your mood, lifestyle, and occasion.

Create Your Own Scentsy Scent

Scentsy candles are available in a breakable form which means you can divide the bar to use in different warmers. You can also mix different Scentsy scents bars into one warmer to create your own fragrance.

Tips to use Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy warmers are extremely easy to use.

First, plug the electric warmer and turn it on (electric warmers are the most popular as they come with a detachable base and their small size make them work at smaller spaces like bathrooms or kitchen).

Second, choose your favorite fragrance from eighty Scentsy scents and put one or more cubes in the warmer.

This is it, sit back, relax and enjoy the lovely aroma and Scentsy experience without any smoke or damaging chemicals in the air.

How to Change the Scentsy Candle?

Each warmer is available with removable dish part. To remove and use the other fragrance, make sure to melt the candle wax completely. Once melted, pour it into the original packaging to reform it (store in a cooler place). Use a paper towel to clean the dish before putting the new wax bar.

Why Scentsy Scents?

Scentsy products are not only easy to use and maintain, but they are also extremely safe to use with kids, pets and in the office or home. You have the option to choose from 80 different Scentsy scents while breakable candle bars also allows users to create your own fragrance by mixing two or more candles.

Other than amazing fragrance variety, the candles and warmers are also available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The warmers are also designed to add a decorative look and style to your space. All warmers are handmade available in some amazing designs.

When some fragrances can be used to add more energy to the home or office environment, others can be used to add more calmness and soothing effect in your bedroom. With a sense of calmness, some fragrances can also make you sleep within seconds.

The wax inside the warmer does not evaporate which keeps the air clean. The low temperature also makes the warmers easy to touch. Even with low temperature, the fragrance spreads quickly throughout the room.

On top of all that, Scentsy candles are warmers are offered at very competitive prices.

Why Wait?

Order today, choose from different Scentsy scents according to your taste and lifestyle and add a pleasant aroma to your home and office or send it as a gift to your loved ones.

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