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Scentsy Stargaze Warmer

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Scentsy stargaze warmer looks like firecrackers are going off inside your candle warmer – what would also be a great candle warmer for July and the 4th of July holiday, it’s also great that we have it to celebrate the New Year 2017.

This could possibly be the most creative and most popular candle warmer ever.  Make sure to get your hands on one of these in January , while it’s 10% off.  If you really want one, it’s a good idea to pre-order!  All orders will be placed on Jan 1st.

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The below images are of one warmer – not 6 different warmers.  Each one is unique.  What will yours look like?

scentsy fireworks warmer

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    Would like to order stargaze warmer

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      Hi Sherri – the stargaze warmer is on back order for a couple of months now. However, If you’d still like to order, let me know – I can send you a paypal invoice.

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