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Scentsy has a new candle warmer collection called the “Silhouette Collection”.

Start your own Silhouette Collection with this simple, porcelain wamer designed to allow light to shine through its metal wrap. One Silhouette wrap is included with the purchase of each warmer; expand your collection by purchasing additional warmer wraps individually. Wraps are designed to fit over Silhouette Collection warmer only.

What’s different about these candle warmers?

1. You Buy the Core Warmer “Glowing Core”

Silhouette wrap






2.  When you Purchase the Glowing Core Silhouette Warmer, you are buying a Scentsy Package, which will allow you to pick a wrap for your core warmer for only $40

3. You can then, purchase additional wraps for your core warmer at only $12 per wrap.

Start Building your Silhouette Collection !

Scentsy Wraps

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