Skull Warmer

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This skull warmer represents the “day of the dead” look and design. The skull warmer design is also called “sugar skull”


scentsy sugar skull

Day of the Dead Skull Warmer – Available September 1st. Come back here to visit and order your Scentsy Skull warmer! I suggest getting a couple if you intend to gift to someone. These warmers are very popular and will most likely go on back order quickly.

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Traditional Sugar Skulls:

  • Are usually imported from Mexico and are made by people who were taught how to create these from their families. Getting a wealth of information on how to create and use the molds that have been passed on from many generations.
  • They have been made the same that they were made in the 17th century.
  • The creators usually take around four to six months to gather enough sugar skulls for the season. After doing this they will take all the sugar skulls and set them upon a temporary stall for the outdoor market two weeks before the Day of the Dead (El Dia de Los Muertos).
  • Sugar Skulls that are decorated with sombreros are rare because this design has mostly disappeared since the 1970’s.
  • It is considered to only be folk art only and not meant to be consumed. They are considered folk art for many reasons, the first being they are usually decorated with inedible items (beads, feathers, tin foil, etc.) another being that they are shipped from Mexico and it is said on the packages that they are not made in food approved kitchens.

Sugar Skulls:

  • They could either be made as folk art or they could be eaten like candy.
  • These sugar skulls recipe or molds haven’t been passed down from generation to generation like traditional sugar skulls.

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