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I’ve had the privilege to speak to a lot of consultants at either the Scentsy Conventions or the trips that we’ve earned and we all love Scentsy for different reasons. There are a few reasons that we all seem to share, however.

Top 5 Reasons Consultants LOVE Scentsy

1. We’re HEARD – When you’re a consultant for a big direct selling company, you are given rules and policy’s to follow. You might not agree with all of them, and sometimes feel that they’re not fair. As a Director for Scentsy, you’re able to share those opinions and views with the corporate staff via the facebook group or through email.  Not saying that the policy will change in your favor, but a response is given and you CAN be heard.

2. Extended Family – I have met some amazing people!  I am from a very small town originally and moved to Los Angeles as a young adult.  I meet new people all the time. BUT, I can tell you the friends that I have made through Scentsy are some of the greatest friends I’ve had. Everyone is so willing to help.  Going to Leadership trips and conventions and to the exotic vacations I’ve earned are all amazing times, but what is it without great people to share your time with?  I have made some lifelong friends during these trips and I am forever grateful!

3.  Flexible – This business is great for either the stay at home moms, or the people that work 40+ hours a week full time at another job. Why? Because it’s so flexible, you’re your own boss. You get out of it, what you put into it. Don’t have much time, but looking for it to help with a few bills, excellent. IF you spend a little more time, however, it could turn into a full time business for you and can pay your rent/mortgage, car payment, utility bills and more. Best of all, it’s there for you, when it’s convenient to you. There’s no clocking in and out.

4. Our Homes smell better than yours – Yes, that might sound cheesy.. but it’s SOOO true. Here’s a story – I have a sister in law that I have handed a warmer to, I have given her Scentsy bars. My husband even went as far as pluging it in one time and putting cubes in it for her, without her knowing so that we could “demonstrate” how much better her house smelled. Yet, still………she has this ugly jar candle in the middle of her coffee table that has soot and looks like a mess. I smell nothing coming out from the jar. When we leave, she blows out the jar candle and now all I smell is burnt wick.  hmm… we leave the warmer on.  We go to lunch. We come back to her house and it smells like Posey Peach. yummm. She says, “oh, I thought I blew out that candle before we left”……..yeah……it wasn’t that old burnt out candle it was her Scentsy warmer that she had no idea could smell that great. So, yes, as a Scentsy consultant, I can tell you, my house smells amazing! 🙂

5. Money- Yup, I went there. Everyone joins Scentsy for a reason, right………what’s the major decision factor?  I need more money, how do I get it?  Start a home business, something you can do on the side, something that you can earn commission on….I have never sold for another direct selling company, so I’m not sure how they all work. I am ecstatic, however that I do NOT have to have inventory, I don’t have to purchase products at a discount in hopes to sell them at full retail. I don’t get stuck with products that won’t sell.  My customer wants to place an order, great…I collect payment and place her order. I get commission loaded on a visa paycard on the 10th of every month.  I don’t have to cash checks or wait for them to come in the mail. I don’t have to do anything but share Scentsy with my customers. I am loving this process. Spend a little more time on your business every week, talk to a few more people and reap the rewards the following month. That’s seriously how easy it is.

Being a “sales person” has nothing to do with it. Loving a product so much that you want to tell everyone about it is what it’s all about. 🙂


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