Why Scentsy is Different


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We all have been introduced to the direct selling industry in one way or another. You might know someone who is a consultant or are one that loves the products.

10 Reasons Why Scentsy is Different

I’m sure 80% of you have been approached about selling the product yourself. “Join my team” is a common phrase that you’ll hear when someone would like you to sign up to sell Scentsy. What exactly does that mean, when I “join your team?”

scentsy package warmers
Package Deals

When someone signs up to sell Scentsy, they want to get their personal sales, of course.. however, it is also important to build a team of girls under you that will also work on their personal sales and build a team.  You’ll also hear the term “pyramid scheme”.  Well, I’m here to tell you that just because, as a consultant, you’ll earn commission on the consultants that join on your team, that doesn’t mean it’s a scam or that you can now sit back and just make money off your team.  A Scentsy consultant is required to have at least $150 in one month out of a three month period. To get commission from those on your team, you’ll need to sell at least $500 personal retail volume.

So, now comes the “Why Scentsy is different” facts.

  1. I do not have to purchase inventory in hopes to sell it to someone (I only place orders when my customer’s purchase products)
  2. I can do this from home in my pajamas
  3. I can go do parties in jeans and a sweater (I do not have to wear a dress)
  4. New Catalogs only come out twice a year
  5. We’re a family. We support each other. We have the #ScentsySpirit
  6. Customer’s can purchase on your website and you do nothing (shipping is done by Scentsy)
  7. You can do catalog parties, collect orders, place orders without having inventory in order to make commission
  8. Scentsy Corporate is family. Orville & Heidi are involved. They inspire & motivate.  They give us the tools we need.
  9. Your sponsor wants you to succeed, and not just so that they will too.
  10. One New Scent and One New Warmer are released monthly. Keeping the excitement going.

I’ve been a Scentsy consultant for 7 years.  I have gone through many changes with the company.  I’m blessed and thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing company.  I know you will feel the same!

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