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Scentsy Candle Warmers & More


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All you do is put a piece of our Scentsy bar (melts) in the detachable dish part of the warmer and flip the switch on (which is on the cord that you plugin to the wall)  and the light bulb turns on and gently warms the candle wax.  There’s over 80 scents to choose from. Each Scentsy bar will last up to 80 hours.  Keep in mind this depends on the area of the room you have the warmer in.

Enjoying a warm, relaxing scent that spreads throughout your home is ideal. And, while lighting a candle is a great way to create this experience, candles are often too dangerous for the average home. With Scentsy products, though, it’s possible not only to enjoy the fragrances, but also to know that your family and home are safe.

The Benefits of Scentsy Products

From our beautiful candle warmers to lotions, there is a product right for you. Consider a few things that makes these products stand out from the competition.

  1. They are formulated to melt on a very low watt light bulb, rather than an open flame. This keeps your family safe from accident burns and fires.
  2. There’s no smoke or soot to deal with either!
  3. The fragrance spreads well, throughout the space, within just a few moments of turning the candle on.
  4. Use it anywhere and feel good about doing so. You can even choose some of our soothing fragrances to use in your bedroom. This can help you to fall asleep faster.
  5. Each of our warming dishes has a beautiful design. A range of colors and patterns are readily available.

Over the competition, Scentsy products stand out for their high quality and safe use. Don’t forget to try our other products, too, including:

-Laundry products
-Soaps and sanitizers perfect for the home
-Our Buddies, stuffed, adorable animals
-Our Scent Circles, Scent Packs, Travel Tins, and Room Sprays, all easy to take with you while you travel
-Room sprays
-Lotions and sun care products

Each of our Scentsy products stands out with a fresh, natural fragrance that you can choose. Consider options designed for the seasons, including our Fall and Winter lines. Choose a popular option like Tropical, Spa, or Corner Cafe. There’s something right for any mood, room, and taste. Our products are incredibly safe to use. They are the highest quality you’ll find. And, they stand out from the rest simply by meeting the needs of the family with an easy-to-use, full-of-scent product.

Join our Scentsy Family

If you love our products, you can sign up to sell Scentsy Candles as a consultant.  You will get everything you need in your starter enrollment kit.  You’ll start earning 20% commission on everything you sell.  This is a great way to make some extra money to pay a few bills or live your dream of owning your own business. Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a business person with a full time career, Scentsy is flexible.  You can sell to friends and family, co-workers, or even market your business online through social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest and more).  You don’t have to have home parties to sell Scentsy, you can gather orders or have your friends and family buy your products online through your Scentsy website.

We use a facebook group to stay in touch and share ideas within our group, since we are located all throughout the United States, Canada & Ireland.  Scentsy just opened their doors to Australia & Mexico as well and I’d love to grow my team in all locations.  If you’d like to sign up to become a consultant but still have questions, please join my live chat or email me to let me know how I can help!

Candles & Scents

Scentsy has created over 40 different candle warmer designs.  You will find one that fits your style and decor. You might even find a few that you just have to have.  I have the cupcake Warmer, and my daughters’ favorite scent is Perfectly Pomegranate. We also have a zebra candle warmer that’s popular among the younger scentsy fan.

In my living room, we have the Scentsy Owl Warmer, called “whoot”.  This has got to be my all time favorite warmer. I’m currently warming “My Home“.  There are over 80 different scents to choose from and the best part is that if you buy them in the six pack combo, you’re getting one for FREE!

There are a lot of followers to the wax melts and wickless candle products now.  Like Glade and other brands that are sold at walmart. Try them, then try Scentsy wax.  It’s a no brainer.  You will be so impressed with how long our scents last. They don’t smell like soap and they’re not fake smelling. Not only that, but when you purchase in a package deal, you’re saving more than you would buying another brand.  With Scents like, Beach, Black Rasberry Vanilla and Happy Birthday, I can’t imagine another brand of candles would be more scented or longer lasting.  And the choices we have are top notch!

No more soot – or having to remember to blow out a candle. When you use our Scentsy candle bars and ceramic warmers, it’s a safe alternative to the wick.  It’s even safe around children and our family pets.

Don’t want to Buy Scentsy Online? I can take your order over email as well. You can even use PayPal to pay me for your order. You can email me at and I would be more then happy to help you with your order.

There’s a scent of the month that we release and it’s usually a must try fragrance. Please contact me if you’d like to try a sample of our scent of the month before you buy.

Need FREE SHIPPING? Sure – not a problem – join my live chat and ask me how!

Trista Jensen – De Leon – Star Director 

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Trista De Leon – Star Director

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