Scentsy Diffusers

Handcrafted and oh-so-lovely! Immediately fill your space with all-natural Scentsy Oil fragrance. Customize it with color, light and mist settings. Update your style with interchangeable Shades!

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  • Avid Diffuser

    Avid Diffuser – With a chic, wire-wrapped look, Avid will complement contemporary decor and bring a modern twist to more classic displays.

  • Awaken Diffuser

    Scentsy Awaken Diffuser is A dazzling mosaic effect sets this beauty apart in a major way! To create the look, the diffuser body is rolled onto a sheet of broken glass, ensuring no two patterns are exactly alike.

  • Enchant Diffuser

    Scentsy Enchant Diffuser – Finished in a crackled glass-like effect, Enchant is a perfect piece for the bold at heart.

  • Enliven Diffuser

    Scentsy Enliven Diffuser – Light dances through the intricate lattice work for a complex and sophisticated display.

  • Inspirit Diffuser

    Scentsy Inspirit Diffuser -Embrace your whimsical side with this confetti fun Diffuser!

  • Reach Diffuser

    An intricate woodland motif adds mood and depth to a sleek, cylindrical shape.

  • Reflect Diffuser

    Scentsy Reflect Diffuser – Cast your gaze upward and marvel at the infinity of a star-filled sky. The mirrored silver finish casts a celestial glow sure to lift your spirits.

  • Scentsy Stargaze Diffusers

    Scentsy Stargaze Diffuser is full of Color bursts and streak across this diffuser in a mesmerizing display that’s totally unique from one piece to another.